Brooke Bailey Blasts Jackie Christie + Evelyn Lozada Accuses Jackie of Being Jealous of Her

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Jackie Christie and Brooke Bailey had tension over the death of Brooke’s daughter.

Basketball Wives” stars Brooke Bailey and Jackie Christie had a controversial exchange during last season’s reunion. Brooke accused Jackie of not being all that supportive after her daughter passed away. She said that Jackie used to call her every day. So she expected Jackie to come over and call more. Jackie was caught off guard by Brooke’s actions. She said she texted Brooke and also spoke to her family members when she attempted to call. However, she was told that Brooke wasn’t available to talk at the moment. So it wasn’t as if she wasn’t supportive. Regardless, the two ladies seemingly hashed out their issues during a recent episode.

During their conversation, Brooke expressed that she expected a bit more from Jackie because they spoke on the phone daily. In response, Jackie said she realizes she struggles with grief. She still hasn’t processed her mother’s death. So it seemed as if Brooke and Jackie made significant progress and they intended to move forward in a more positive direction. However, Jackie apparently was not happy with the scene. She explained why during an interview with Funky Dineva via Fox Soul when she was asked about “taking accountability” in the scene.

The editing of the conversation bothered Jackie Christie.

Jackie said, “I had to let the editors know I didn’t appreciate that because I didn’t take accountability for anything because I already put it out publicly that soon as we got the call from Brandi (Maxiell) that Brooke’s daughter passed away – her beautiful daughter Kayla passed away – she said text Brooke. Everybody…she put it in a group text, I was here in Sacramento. I didn’t text her, I called her. When I called her, her little niece, cousin, or whoever this young lady is answered the phone and was very sweet. She was like Brooke told me to answer because the only person that calls with no ID is you. She wanted me to let you know she appreciates you, she loves you. I was like tell her I love her, anything she needs I’m here. I don’t care what it is. And that was that.”

She continued, “So we started talking text-wise. When I got to the reunion, we went to dinner the night before with the production company. And she was fine. We were laughing, talking, everything was great. But then when the reunion came to all of a sudden you’re this and you’re that, it kind of caught me off guard. One thing I’m about is love and respect. And I’m not gonna be talking about someone that’s needing to be resting with God in a derogatory way. But I was very taken aback.”

Jackie added, “But it was like wait, where is this coming from? I’m gonna respect you and let you say whatever you’re saying because I felt it was a part of her grieving. But please don’t misrepresent me. And then it kept coming on the internet, so I went public and I don’t do that. But I put all my receipts out to put a stop to it because they were contacting my kids, they were saying mean things to my family. I said that’s one thing I don’t do so I said let me go ahead and put the truth out here so y’all can see.”

She said her social media receipts showed fans she didn’t lie about the situation.

“Then everything went away and it was oh Jackie wasn’t lying. So then when it came time to shoot Season 11, I got asked 50 thousand times, begged pretty much. Please, we really want you to do this scene. I don’t want to talk about her beautiful daughter anymore. Please, let that baby rest in peace. This is starting to get really weird. I don’t want to do that, no. And I got really aggressive about it.”

Jackie said meetings happened.

“I had meetings with different people and said do not ask me to talk to her again. I already settled it. Well, once again, one scene came up, shopping, I was tricked into coming to the scene. I got in the scene and then it was this, what you saw that unfolded. And it wasn’t said like that.”

Funky also asked Jackie who won the altercation she and Brooke had years ago. The fight was never shown on TV. Malaysia Pargo and Bambi said Jackie won back then. Jackie agreed, “I did not lose the fight so everyone can shut up now.”

Jackie’s recent social media exchange with Evelyn Lozada was also discussed. She said she had no idea why Evelyn tried to call her out for wanting Malaysia back on the show. Evelyn claimed Jackie told others that she didn’t want Malaysia back. But Jackie told Funky that Malaysia is like her sister. They have done the show together from the beginning. And while she told Malaysia she respected her choice to focus on her mental health, that doesn’t equate to not wanting her back on “Basketball Wives.” So it may be a case of Evelyn taking her request as shade when it wasn’t. As we reported, Evelyn is back for Season 11. She skipped out on Season 10 amid her controversial feud with OG.

Brooke Bailey and Evelyn Lozada clapped back.

Interestingly enough, Brooke didn’t like what was said in the interview. So she took to X to drag Jackie. Evelyn joined in once Brooke accused Jackie of talking behind her and Shaunie Henderson’s backs.

Evelyn also told a supporter she believes Jackie is jealous of her.




  1. Evelyn is delusional. She may need the check from Shaunie, but Doug’s net worth is about 30-50 million. This show is Jackie’s play money. Ratings were trash during season 9 and Evelyn was front and center then. She needs to pipe down. Brooke is miserable and angry 24/7. She needs a break from the show to heal.

    1. I agree with you Evelyn, is TRASH, point blank. Miss Brooke, needs to leave the show to Healed, it’s not doing nothing for you, and she’s boring just like Jennifer. In order for you to Healed, being on a reality show not good at all.

  2. None of these women are real friends so loyalty shouldn’t be expected. Truth be told Evelyn came at Jackie sideways first over the Malaysia thing because she wanted a problem. I just hope she remembers Jackie had her crying the last time she wanted attention. Brooke’s entitlement regarding her daughter’s death is jarring. First it was Jackie didn’t reach out. Once that was disproven, now the narrative is she should have done more. Gross.

  3. Nah, Brooke is corny as f-ck. The Miami girls always looked down on the LA OGs. They won’t ever give Jackie or Malaysia credit for carrying the franchise after Miami was canceled. If anyone is jealous, it’s the Miami girls. They had to move to LA to keep a check. Nobody is going to kiss their a—es but Brooke.

  4. Not Evelyn projecting. I’m always going to be Team Jackie because she’s like the only basketball wife there lol.

  5. If Jackie said all of this, Brooke is fake for waiting for mad day to tell these people what Jackie said about them.

  6. It’s funny how people get THROWN into mess when they didn’t see it coming
    Shaunie saying wait what. After Tami left that should have been the end of Basketball Wives 🏀

  7. We need for Brooke to sit down. Evelyn’s jealous of any woman who has got a man to marry her, Jennifer was even a wife. Evelyn should take her own advice and thank Shuanie for always giving her a check.
    Shuanie and crew are all fake friends.

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