Tamar Braxton Talks Marriage, Divorce Rumors, & Why Toni Has Nothing to Do With Single’s Success

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton might be a Braxton, but the reality television star and singer has stepped into her own spotlight with the success of her new single “Love and War.” Now that Tamar has her own solo album coming out, she is hoping she can achieve the same success she achieved in reality television with her solo music career. Her new single landed the number one spot on iTunes just 12 hours after its release, and Tamar has been getting praised left and right for her new music, which is something the Braxton sister has always hoped for. It’s clear that some big things are in store for Tamar next year, when she releases her album in February.

Tamar recently sat down with VLAD TV and dished about her marriage to Vince, those pesky divorce rumors, when she plans to pop out a baby, and also why she feels that being Toni Braxton’s sister had nothing to do with the success of her new single.

It’s no secret that Tamar and Vince argue plenty on their reality show Tamar & Vince, however, Tamar says counseling has really helped the couple put things into perspective:

“Honestly, it takes a while to figure that relationship out because it is a very unique position to be in. Vince and I definitely had to find our way. So when we’re on Tamar & Vince and you see us arguing and bickering over silly things, it could very well be about something that’s bigger, or something that’s about business. So we had to figure that out. We got that help through counseling. You have to kind of find your own way in your relationship. In our relationship, we work together. I wouldn’t want it any other way and neither would he.”


Ever since Tamar and her husband Vince have become the favorite couple to watch on reality television, the couple has become a favorite target for divorce rumors. Tamar claims she doesn’t really know where the divorce rumors came from, but despite what a lot of people think, her marriage is a real one. She says:

“I don’t know where that [the divorce rumors] came from. I think it’s because we sold our house. We put our house on the market and a lot of people were like, ‘Well they’re arguing on the show, they’re selling their house, so that means they are getting a divorce.’ No that does not mean you’re getting a divorce. In most marriages, I know in mine, I have a real marriage, a real relationship. There are arguments. There are petty things that we argue over and there are also serious things that we argue over. I just think people forget watching TV that this is your life too. You argue about silly things as well. Maybe not as much, maybe not about the same things. But you do argue. You just have to be honest with yourself and be like ‘Okay, that’s me too.'”


And when it comes to the baby rumors, the gossip is just that, gossip. Tamar confirms that she and Vince still aren’t ready to have kids yet:

“Why is everybody rushing me to have a baby? I think when it’s time, I will. Vince and I did go through IVF [In vitro fertilization] after he got sick because we weren’t sure what the medication was going to do to his body. We’re not getting any younger, so we just decided to go through the IVF and we have kids that are in the freezer and when we’re ready, we’ll go get them. “


Tamar is still enjoying the success of her new single “Love and War,” but the reality star seems to think that being Toni Braxton’s sister has nothing to do with it. When asked if being Toni Braxton’s sister helped her land the number one spot on iTunes, she says:

“No, I don’t. I do think I worked really hard on this album and all of my material. And I wasn’t willing to compromise the sound that I wanted. There was a very distinct sound that I was definitely trying to create. I wasn’t trying to sound like anybody else. As a matter of fact, I worked harder not to sound like my siblings. But we have the same DNA and sometimes we come out sounding just alike. And I don’t think people were even thinking about the fact that I am Toni’s sister. I just think they think about that I’m Tamar.”

Check out the interview below:


  1. Actually, she would have never gotten a shot at reality TV had it not been for Toni. No one even knew who Tamar was before the show. So…

    1. Girl, thank you. That’s the same mess that be making me mad with Solange’s a-s. Your sister is hot and you being associated with her makes you relevant. Tamar girl, I’m sorry. Toni brought you out. There’s no denying it.

  2. Ummm. I don’t think being Toni’s sister has anything to do with the success of THE SINGLE. In my opinion, Tamar isn’t lacking humility by saying that she doesn’t feel Toni had anything to do with that. From what I can see, when it comes to her album, that single, and her overall career, she really is working hard and is beginning to see the fruits of her labor. And the similarity between Tamar and Solange is that while being affiliated with a more popular sibling makes them relevant TO THE PUBLIC, they don’t want to live in that shadow when they’ve got their own individual goals and aspirations. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that……

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