Tamar Braxton Says Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker Ran Up on Her + Kandi Throws Shade

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Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton are back on bad terms.

Tamar Braxton is no stranger to controversy and feuds. In fact, some of her biggest feuds took place on “Braxton Family Values.” Unsurprisingly, it took a toll on Tamar emotionally to clash with her sisters. So over time, Tamar began to regret her time on the show. And for her mental health, she decided it would be best to walk away from reality television altogether. Tamar really didn’t like the way she was portrayed on the shows she signed up for. So she took a step back to focus on herself and healing. Interestingly enough, she is now caught up in drama due to comments she made hours ago on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Evelyn Lozada, Nivea, and Tamar all currently star on Peacock’s “Queens Court.” The show follows the women as they look for love. It seems as if the show worked out for Evelyn and Tamar since they are currently engaged to the men they met on the platform.

Things got really interesting when a couple of fans asked Tamar which “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and her husband allegedly threatened her. Months ago, Tamar made the accusations on Instagram Story. But she never revealed who allegedly threatened her at an event.

Well, Andy Cohen asked Tamar if she was talking about Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling. She said that she wasn’t talking about Eva. And her allegation was referring to a full-time housewife.

Andy realized that Tamar was making the accusation about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. Tamar went on to say that she thought that she and Kandi were good after they appeared on “Big Brother” together.

Kandi Burruss threw some shade.

Tamar had more to say on Twitter after the clip began to spread on social media. She tweeted, “Before y’all start.. I left the situation alone. But the fact is Kandi & Todd wanted to fight me!! Periodt!! There was witnesses and Jr came to the next show to check Todd and she nor he won’t address it cause how do u defend that? The facts are the facts tho. I’m off it #changed.”

She added, “I answered a question like everyone else does. I’m not scared of anyone or the truth! Y’all don’t want me to say nothing cause that’s not her narrative on tv. It’s been months and she addresses EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.. Why not this? 😒 I welcome them both to speak on it and LIE 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Kandi hasn’t responded directly. However, she did post a little shade that some think could be directed at Tamar.


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Tamar clapped back on Instagram Story. She wrote, “I AM THE VICTIM WHEN YOUR MAN STEPS TO a WOMAN!! Sounds like an abused woman to me to see nothing wrong with that!! I hope he’s not beating your *** 🙏🏾 ✨”

Interestingly enough, the peace between Tamar and Kandi may have ended after Tamar sided with Carlos King in his fallout with Kandi. As we reported, Kandi accused Carlos of trying to go behind her back and produce an Xscape movie on TV One. She felt like he tried to steal her life story for his own gain. And Tamar said she didn’t believe any of that on Instagram Story and Dish Nation.


  1. Tamar crazy for saying she hope Todd not beating her a-s. Tamar trying to stay irrelevant at this point. It’s like she’s mad that people wasn’t giving her the omg she’s engaged. Instead some people was stating Tamar is full of drama. If I was Kandi and Todd I’ll hit her with my lawyer. Tamar gonna learn one day and that be the day she learn. She’s just annoying always drama with her.

  2. Tamar lies and over embellishes a lot. And she’s never going to change because deep down she loves drama and conflict. She started this with Kandi and now she’s jumped into the victim act as usual.

  3. Then where is the lawyer if Tamar is lying. I agree…if she is lying they should sue her👀

  4. I believe nothing Tamar says because I’ve seen her flat out lie. Situations never play out exactly how she said.

  5. Tamar is a nutcase, she can’t be trusted and her recent show proved that. Her marriage will be over before it even starts. The way she lied and performed on the Queen’s Court was despicable.

  6. Tamar always arguing with someone 🙄! I thought she gave up on reality TV. She lied about giving. Go reality TV

  7. Tamar just want to be in the spot light if she know better she better gone on and be a gold digger that’s why she marrying JR he better get a prenup cause she gonna drain him dry. Kandi cool as h-ll leave that lady alone while she keep getting the bag

  8. The thing with SWV just showed me that Kandi isn’t that much better than Tamar. They are two messy women who create chaos and mess around them because of their inflated egos. Sick of both of them.

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