Tahiry Talks Her Weird Relationship with Joe Budden & Fallout with J.R. Smith

Photo Credit: Power 105/The Breakfast Club
Photo Credit: Power 105/The Breakfast Club

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The season premiere of the third season of Love and Hip Hop aired last night, and it’s clear that the stars of the season will easily be Joe Budden and Tahiry. Joe Budden and Tahiry used to date and broke things off a couple of years ago, however, on the show, the former couple is attempting to develop a “friendship” despite him being in a serious relationship with someone else. We already told you everything between them seemed extremely forced, regardless, Tahiry claims the friction between her and Joe Budden has been going on since the breakup  two years ago.

In a recent interview with Power 105’s the Breakfast Club, Tahiry dished on where her relationship with Joe Budden stands today, her past romance with J.R. Smith (who ironically just had a romantic falling out with fellow Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle) and how she handled Joe Budden’s drug addiction to molly.

When asked if she ever thinks she will ever take Joe Budden back, Tahiry says:

“I don’t think that could ever happen. I could never get back with Joe. I don’t believe Joe could change. I don’t believe anything that Joe says at this point.”


On why she doesn’t think things will ever work out with Joe:

“I don’t think he’s matured much…just the way he moves around in all these relationships and stuff. I left for that reason. Unfortunately we’re both in the public eye, so I get to see a lot of the things that he does and I just don’t think that’s the kind of man I want to be with today.”


Joe Budden recently confirmed that he has an addiction to the popular drug “Molly.” Tahiry explains how it felt to watch him struggle with drug abuse although they were no longer together:

“It affected me. It hurt. When being with somebody for a long time, you can’t expect me not to care. Me watching him walking into Summer Jam and watching him on stage looking like he’s 90 pounds. I was watching it go all the way down. I was watching it and it was affecting me.

“It’s not no longer my job, so it was kind of hard for me…I didn’t even know how to address it. But me and his mom are really close, so it did affect me. I’m not with him but that doesn’t mean I want to see the guy choke up on some pills and die.”


Tahiry also conformed the rumors that she had puts some of Joe’s bills in her name and paid for things while they dated. Interestingly enough, after ending things with Joe, she dated K. Michelle’s former boo J.R. Smith (before K. Michelle did of course). Things between Tahiry and J.R. went bad after he tweeted a picture of her booty to his followers after the two had been intimate. She explains that she thinks he did it out of excitement and to make Joe jealous:

“I was there. It could have been a little bit of both. And I would say malicious because at the time Joey was harassing us. He probably wanted to tweet the cheeks and be like ‘Yeah, yeah!’ And maybe he was just excited. Six years before then he was trying to talk to me and I didn’t pay him any mind and six years later the cheeks are in front of him.”


Tahiry admitted the whole situation really did upset her but she pretended to find humor in it on her Twitter account:

“Actually, I’ma keep it all the way real. I was trying to save face. I was a mess. I was embarrassed.”


She also admits that the incident had driven a wedge in their breakup:

“It had something to do with it. We tried to keep it going but it just faded.”


Despite her new gig on Love and Hip Hop, the new reality star admitted that she’s been spending time in the studio and getting serious about launching a music career. It seems that a lot of reality stars have the same plan to record albums these days.

Catch the full interview here:


  1. I don’t understand why a lot of these woman are okay with men caring more about their a-ses than their personalities. It’s like they think it’s cute that a booty is all a man wants from them. Sad!

  2. Why did I crack up at the part where J.R. Smith tweeted a picture of her booty…. If that isn’t the most immature n ridiculous thing. Twitter isn’t the devil – dumb a-ses using it are. Why was she embarrassed when she shows her behind all the time for checks. Its not like she has any actual talent.

    As for her singing career, I hope it fades like her relationship with J.R. Smith. Just a mess. Collect your reality checks and keep investing your booty magazine checks. Pretty doesn’t last.

    So Joey is addicted to Molly aka CRACK. Anyone this day and age from our generation that gets caught up on a new form of crack, deserves what they get. Crack is whack…

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