Mimi Faust Has a New Boyfriend & Calls Benzino Gay on Twitter

Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram
Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Does Mimi Faust have a new boyfriend? Mimi Faust has been taking heat for her ridiculous “relationship” with Stevie J. since the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The former couple does have a daughter together, and they have been dealing with each other romantically off and on for 15 years. One of the reasons the two could never work as a couple is simply a result of Stevie J.’s refusal to be faithful and practice monogamy. Although Mimi claims she is no longer on Stevie J’s bus, she and Stevie are supposed to be attempting to co-parent peacefully. Unfortunately, things haven’t been peaceful at all, especially since Stevie J. took to his Twitter account the other day to claimed that he had full custody of their daughter Eva and she was spending time with him. After dragging Stevie J.’s parenting style, Mimi claimed he was lying and she only dropped her daughter off to see her grandfather. As a result of the exchange, all the blogs started to run with the whole “Stevie J. has full custody of his daughter” story.

Well Mimi stopped by Atlanta radio station V-103 to chat it up with Egypt and  to clear up the rumors.

Mimi Faust tells Egypt that she thinks Stevie J. is starting the custody rumors because he’s mad she has a new man.  She says:

“It all boils down to I’m not dealing with him anymore and I have someone else.”


She also says Stevie J. tweeted that he had full custody because he was livid that after dropping off their daughter Eva to see his grandfather, she turned down his invitation to come inside:

“His dad was in town. Eva has not seen her grandfather since she was maybe 18 months. I went over, dropped the baby off so she could spend time with her grandfather. And that’s the jist of his having custody. [We] Never went to court ever.

“He invited me in and I said why would I do that?”


Mimi also claims that she is officially off Stevie J.’s bus and in love with her new man. She also says those rumors about her being on drugs are a concoction of Stevie’s J.’s imagination and jealousy:

“There is no relationship there. I try to co-parent. I’m not sure what he’s doing or trying to do. Obviously you see what he’s trying to do. He’s messy, lying, still constant. It never stops.”


So will Mimi’s new boyfriend Nikko be on the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Of course. In fact, he moved to Atlanta two months ago, and it has been confirmed that he has joined the cast. So yes, we will see all this foolishness unfold in front of the cameras.

Oh by the way, Nikko looks like Stevie J.:

Photo Credit: V-103
Photo Credit: V-103


Are we the only one swho find all of this “pre-drama” of LHHATL more exciting than the “current” season of LHHNY?

In related news, apparently, Benzino heard the interview and didn’t appreciate what Mimi said about his BFF Stevie J. The two got into a rather nasty Twitter beef and Mimi basically called him out for some pretty gay past activities with a former girlfriend.

Peep the tweets which were eventually deleted, but obtained by the Urban Informer (read from the bottom up):


mimi faust benzino beef


  1. How is it that LHH is back on and everyone is still more interesting and talking more about the Atlanta people? Damn! LOL!!

    1. There are just more interesting people on the Atlanta show. They have Stevie J., Joseline, Mimi, K. Michelle, Lil Scrappy,Karlie Redd and all her delusion, and Momma Dee’s hilarious a-s. LHHNY doesn’t stand a chance.

  2. So she went out and got her another Stevie J. Girl bye. I wish we could fast forward to the next season. LHHNY is boring.

  3. Okay now I will be counting down days until the show comes back on. I thought Tahiry and Joe would be more interesting than they are but I’m bored already.

  4. First we have Karlie Redd becoming a video heaux and now Mimi is snatching Benzino and Stevie J’s wig. We need them back on TV!

  5. I don’t think Mimi’s new man look like Stevie J. He probably resembles him a little bit and have the same facial features but they don’t look alike.

  6. As funny as their lives are, she needs to stop. Stop acting all righteous when you was on Stevie’s bus for over 15 years! On and off? She’ll be back. Going with a Stevie J look a like without the mustache…

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