Keyshia Cole Snatches Her Sister Neffe’s Wig off on Twitter Over New Book

Photo Credit: @keyshiacole Instagram
Photo Credit: @keyshiacole Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Keyshia Cole is back at it with her music career, releasing latest album Woman to Woman. And she is even set to work with some artists that she had beef with, and started up another short lived one with a radio station in her hometown. In addition to her music, Keyshia starred in a reality TV show with her husband NBA player Daniel “Booby” Gibson. And as the show was something that gave fans a first glance at Keyshia as a mother and wife, Keyshia admitted that their reality TV stint together took its toll on them and had an impact on their marriage. It also caused Key to get into it with some folks who voiced their opinions to her about her marriage and how she treated her husband on TV. Though that may be the case, Keyshia was no newbie when it came to doing the reality TV show thing as she starred in Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, a show that also aired on BET and lasted a total of 3 seasons. And it was one that revolved around her family members including her mother Frankie and her siblings. Out of the siblings that appeared on the show, Keyshia’s sister Neffeteria Pugh was by far one of the ones that drew in the most attention aside from Keyshia’s animated mother, Neffe and Frankie eventually getting a spin off show of their own. Having her spats with both Keyshia and her mom Frankie pretty often, Neffeteria never appeared to be one to hold her tongue about things. And she is now supposedly spilling some hot piping tea about Keyshia in her new book Price I Paid, which has been the talk of Neffe’s most recent interviews. And it was only a matter of time before Keyshia heard about it.

Highly upset that her own sister tried to dog her out in her book, a pissed off Keyshia took to her Twitter account to blast Neffe to the fullest, claiming that she leeched off of her (Read from bottom to top):


keyshia cole's sister neffe

keyshia cole's sister neffe


And Keyshia said that the only reason her sister will be seeing any profits from her book is because her name is linked to it:

“If it wasn’t for my name, people making money off that alone. They would have the courage to say they just don’t like me.”


Even though she is clearly not happy with what Neffe had to say about her, it’s still not easy for Keyshia to just cut her sister off completely:

“Its not that easy RT @IBeyIconic: @KeyshiaCole Keysh girl, family can be you’re biggest haters and the ones praying for you’re downfall! You just gotta distance yourself boo.”


Keyshia Cole may not be looking to cut  her sister Neffe off completely for talking bad about her in her book. But a “slap” from Keyshia just might be in store for her.



  1. Some things you just don’t air out on Twitter. This is one of my issues with Key-Lo Lo. I mean seriously, pick up the phone and handle it like grown women. Damn.

  2. It is terrible to see Keyshia go at it like this at her Sister on Twitter. Honestly, I think Keyshia still has deep rooted issues and needs serious help.

  3. Keyshia is so messy. Keyshia is famous, but she’s D-List at best. She always talks about Neffie and co using her like she’s Beyonce or somebody else who actually has a name that can be profited on. Even Bey who is an A-List filthy rich singer puts her family on. Hell, most of them are on her damn payroll. She’s way more humble than Keyshia, and that’s why she’s a bigger star. Humility will get you far!

  4. Tacky! Call her so we know it’s real Keyshia! Shading your own fam for wanting to make something of themselves is beyond pathetic.

  5. I saw an interview of Neffie’s and she said nothing but nice things about Keyshia. She said the book was more so about HER own life. So unless I missed something, it appears that Keyshia is just being her usual b-tchy self. She has such a stank attitude.

    1. I didn’t here her say anything bad about Keyshia in the interview. She even said she respect for trying to protect them

  6. Neffie is trash for dragging her sister like that in this book. If it wasn’t for Keyshia having the grace and dignity to place her ugly butt on her reality show with her crackish mother, Neffie would still be in the Oakland projects gettin beat up by some random loser.

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