Shawty Lo Claps Back at the Criticism Over His Show About His 10 Baby Mamas

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV News

By: Taren Vaughan

Shawty Lo is the latest rapper to join the world of reality TV. And he brought with him a boat load of people, including his 11 children, 10 baby mamas and 19-year-old girlfriend that are set to appear on the reality show All My Babies’ Mamas. He was most known for dropping club hits like Laffy Taffy with his former group D4L and his infamous beef that he had with T.I., the two eventually squashing it and ironically are now neighbors. But with his upcoming reality show, his rather large family has become the main talk surrounding the Atlanta rapper. Shawty Lo, his baby mamas and his kids may be looking forward to putting their lives on television for all to watch, but not everybody is hyped to see it air as the mere thought of its concept sparked numerous petitions that have been floating around, demanding the Oxygen network not to air the show period. The network responded to their critics and released a statement of their own, defending their reasoning behind wanting to move forward with the show. As for the star of the show, many were wondering when Shawty Lo was going to officially speak on the backlash that his show has already gotten without not even one episode of it being aired yet. And he recently did in an interview that he did with MTV News where he talked about how it was to raise 11 children. Before he spoke about his life as a father, Shawty Lo spoke on how it was for him growing up in Atlanta, Georgia:

“Coming up was so, so hard for me man, you know. My mother was on drugs when I was a child, you know. My dad was elsewhere. My grandmother raised me and she died from cancer when I was 17. So you know, I’ve been on my own since then. I wasn’t born with no silver spoon…My grandma, who I stayed with, our rent was $76 a month with utilities and everything included so you know, we didn’t have nothing. But when she died, I was in the streets, me and my sister, you know, my sister went and stayed with my auntie…but I stayed in the streets. So you know, I had a rough bringing up man. I was robbing, I was doing all kind of stuff, start selling drugs but you know, I don’t like bragging about my lifestyle because I done turned a negative into a positive.”


As one of the biggest drug dealers coming out of Bankhead, Shawty Lo says that as his money started looking better, the women started to come, followed by all the babies:

“When the money came, the women came. I wasn’t tryna have babies. But you know when I was talking to these women and once you feel like a girl was your girlfriend or whatever, the rubber probably came off. And a lot of ’em felt like ’cause I was, at 21, I seen my first million in the streets. And I was like the most popular dude in the streets ’cause I would give some ’em money and they wouldn’t have an abortion. They used to take the money and run with it. And just so they can have a baby by the most poppinist guy in the streets. So that’s how I had all them kids…”


Shawty Lo added that all of his kids came before he found fame as a rapper and that he only has issues with one of his baby mamas because she has two children by him and feels that Lo should do more for them and her. Even though he catches a lot of heat for having fathered so many kids with a double digit amount of women, Shawty Lo says that he takes care of all his kids unlike some men who don’t even take care of one:

“A lot of people, they talk about ‘Dang he got dis many kids, this and this, this and this’. But like I tell ’em, it’s a lot of fathers don’t take of one, a lot of fathers don’t take care of one. I gotta deal with 11. I gotta deal with 9 girls and 2 boys. You can hate all you want to, I didn’t ask for it. It just happened. Now that it happened, I’m supposed to turn my back against it? If I wasn’t taking care of my kids then you would really dog me out, but I’m taking care of my kids, providing for my family. I don’t know what else to say.”


Peep Shawty Lo’s interview below:


  1. Honestly, a man SHOULD take care of his kids. The fact that this “man” thinks he should be praised for taking care of his 11 kids shows there is a huge problem in our community. You shouldn’t get praised for doing what you’re supposed to do. He should have been responsible and worn some damn condoms. Having 11 baby mamas is ridiculous and embarrassing to our community.

  2. I just got an instant headache reading this bull crap. Where do I begin? I could rock with him if he had one or two baby mommas that the rubber happened to “fall off” but this square head ma-fugga got 10 baby mommas. Who does he think is buying that lame ass excuse. There is no excuse for his irresponsibility. Alla dat didn’t ‘just happen’. The sun and the moon rising and setting just happens. He NEEDS this show cause that Laffy Taffy song aint feeding nobody. If he thought this was damage control, think again. Wait a minute – he doesn’t think at all and now he has alla this mayhem n foolishness. Then to make matters worse, you get defensive talking bout you take care of alla dem. Niglet please….

    I definitely won’t be tuning in. Men like this potent poppa needs to get a vasectomy. His girlfriend is a dumb duck if she kicks it with him and isn’t a baby momma herself. I just can’t…

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