Is Shawty Lo’s Show About His 10 Baby Mamas Getting Cancelled?

Photo Credit: MTV News

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Shawty Lo caused a lot of controversy when it was confirmed by Oxygen Network that he has his own upcoming reality show that focuses on his life with his 10 baby mamas, 11 kids, and 19-year-old girlfriend. The show, entitled All My Babies’ Mamas, has been confirmed to premiere this spring, and it’s already being boycotted before the first episode has even aired. A petition was created online just a few days after a clip of the show made its rounds on YouTube, and already has amassed over 30,000 signatures. Many are completely outraged with the premise of the show, especially since it’s perceived to feature some of the most hurtful stereotypes of African-Americans.

Shawty Lo doesn’t understand why the show is getting so much criticism, and recently told MTV News that he takes care of all of his children, and since all of his 11 kids are taken care of, the black community should be supportive of the show.

And so far, Oxygen Network has stood firm in seeing production through to completion, as they responded to the controversy and stated that they felt critics weren’t seeing the positives of the show.

Just days after the petition was created and many have spoken out in disgust over the show, it’s now being rumored that the network is just days away from announcing that it’s already been cancelled as a result of the controversy.

However, representatives of the network tell Rumor Fix that the rumors simply aren’t true and:

“That rumor is simply untrue. The project remains in early development. [The show] is not meant to be a stereotypical representation of everyday life for any one demographic or cross section of society.”


Shawty Lo’s own representative stirs the pot a little more and claims that Shawty Lo is some sort of role model for young black men:

“Shawty Lo is a father figure who most young black men today should mimic.”



In related news, it’s rumored that Shawty Lo may be adding another baby mama to his portfolio. The other day, one of his ex girlfriends uploaded a photo to Instagram of her pregnant belly. Many are speculating that the baby is Shawty Lo’s.


  1. I’d be shocked if Oxygen canceled this show. They are known for being ratchet, so why would they try to do right now?

    1. Agrees with you on that one… All those rachet females on Bad girls club… They make females look simple minded and look like sluts and whores but they want to cancel shawtylo show… foh.. lmao

  2. The petition was a good idea but the best thing to do is to just not watch the show. Low ratings is a guaranteed way to get a show cancelled.

  3. I’m amazed that this dude is still trying to label himself a role model for young black men. I’m sorry, why is it admirable for a man to have several baby mamas? And now he might have yet another baby on the way. I can only imagine all the STD’s floating around these people. Gross.

  4. Role model? Negro please. He’s a role model yeah right…a role model of what NOT to do. Black men stay losing with this n-gga sh-t.

    1. Nah black people as a whole stay losing. And a lot of us will watch this trash too. I’m so tired of us being so damn stupid.

  5. I wish this buffoon and all of his birds would go sit down somewhere. Find a way to make money without embarrassing black people.

  6. Well if they can create a show like Honey Boo Boo they can definetly give him a show! I don’t think it’s no worst than any other show thats on the network these days,it just have something we haven’t seen on TV before. besides the more hype and attention with the petitions and all the more viewers and the more money the network makes. So the best thing to do is stop talking about it and don’t watch it and Im sure it will go away.

    1. I bet the same people that petitioned for the show to be cancelled, would be the same people first to watch the show… lmao

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