Update: Shawty Lo’s Show About His 10 Baby Mamas Gets Cancelled

Photo Credit: Oxygen
Photo Credit: Oxygen

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Oxygen officially cancel Shawty Lo’s reality TV show All My Babies’ Mamas? The talk about ATL Rapper Shawty Lo’s new reality TV show starring himself, his 11 children, 10 baby mamas and 19-year-old girlfriend has yet to die down as it has stirred up quite the controversy far beyond what most reality TV shows have done. While some people viewed the show as another source of entertainment, there were plenty of others out there who found nothing at all humorous about the show’s concept and those individuals have spoken out loud and clear and expressed their disgust in the form of petitions that have collected thousands of signatures to date. Feeling like this show crossed the line, the petitions were viewers’ way of attempting to push Oxygen to stop the show from airing on their network. The network wasn’t budging though as they stood behind their initial plans to launch the controversial reality TV show despite all the backlash that they were receiving over it, releasing a statement revealing why they were set on moving forward with the show and the rapper’s rep even pinned Shawty Lo as an ideal father that young men can look up to. The folks over at Oxygen must have had a quick change of heart though as it was said that they were on the verge of cancelling the show. And not long after that talk surfaced, the network released another statement to ABC News saying that they were officially pulling the plug on the show:

“As part of our development process, we have reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special.”


So how did Shawty Lo feel about this?

Well from what we can tell, he isn’t fazed by Oxygen cancelling his show, making it be known that he is still “winning” concerning his dough, with or without a reality show. He posted this picture to his Instagam account right after the network confirmed the show’s cancellation:


shawy lo response to show getting cancelled


Interestingly enough, the rapper’s friends have started their own petition to get the show back. But at this point, we can’t say we see Oxygen backtracking on this since word on the street is advertisers were not interested in getting caught up in the controversy.


  1. It’s a great day in America folks. Let’s keep the shucking and jiving to a minimum. We have a black president, let’s keep speaking out against this crap.

  2. I’m happy. And they can miss me with that whole “he just trying to feed his family” BS! He is on iG posting pictures of his Rolex and stacks of money. So obviously he’s doing fine and can stand to lose the show. Good riddance!!!

    1. Me too…Honestly…I think that had a huge part to play in it….That aint cute! and how old is he anyway to be dating a 19 year old?

  3. All it takes is for advertisers to pull out for networks to use their heads. Yeah, we like a little ratchet TV but this man had a hard time naming all 11 of kids in the preview. I’m glad the show is done.

  4. I was over it when I saw how degrading the preview was. Nothing but stereotypes. From the baby mamas having ghetto names and being labeled like the seven dwarfs based off their personalities, to his people calling him a damn role model. Deuces!

  5. It’s just gross to me that this man can sleep with all these women without a damn condom, and take pride in that. But the worst thing is that these women allow it. Smh.

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