Mimi Faust & Benzino Squash Their Beef

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Mimi Faust and Benzino managed to stay on pretty decent terms with each other despite all the drama that Mimi has had with his close friend Stevie J. in their relationship. And with all the beefing that has gone on between Mimi and Stevie, Benzino has tried his best to stay neutral throughout it all. But recently that all changed after Benzino got into a nasty Twitter beef with Mimi after she did an interview where she revealed some things about the new man in her life while she dragged Stevie for being a habitual liar, the two going at each other about who it is that has custody over their daughter Eva. Benzino didn’t take too well to what Mimi was saying about his homeboy Stevie. And because of it, Benzino and Mimi got into a nasty beef on Twitter where Mimi went off about Benzino’s past relationship and claimed that he had a thing for men. The way she went in on Benzino, it was almost safe to say Benzino was now on Mimi’s bad side right along with his friend and that there was a certified beef between them. But from the looks of things, the beef between Mimi and Benzino was only temporary as the two made up, Benzino making the first move and apologizing to Mimi for the untrue and hurtful things that he said about and to her. And she did the same:


mimi faust benzino


Things may be all good with Mimi and Benzino but the same doesn’t apply for her and Stevie as they are still firing shots at each other.


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