Mimi Faust Shows off Her New Man

mimi faust

By: Taren Vaughan

Mimi Faust’s relationship with Stevie J. was one for the books when it comes to the couples of reality TV as they came to the scene with issues before their Love and Hip Hop Atlanta gig ever even got started. The off and on relationship that Mimi had with Stevie J. had been going on for some years and it was one that definitely had its ups and downs due to Stevie’s unfaithful ways. And things between them went further south once they decided to put their relationship on display, opening it up to public scrutiny which was too much for Mimi to handle at times. And it led to Stevie J.’s secret romance with Joseline Hernandez being exposed early on during the show’s first season. Even after discovering that Stevie was doing his thing with Joseline and that Joseline looked to not be leaving the picture, Mimi continued to try to make things work with Stevie, even though she claimed many times before that she was done dealing with him. Feeling like Mimi could do so much better for herself, Mimi caught an angry earful from her fans for continuing to give Stevie walking papers only to turn around and start dealing with him again.

Recently though, her and Stevie’s beef with each other has flared up pretty bad and even gotten one of his close friends thrown in the mix. Regardless, viewers had gotten to the point where they weren’t taking Mimi’s “I’m leaving Stevie alone” talk seriously. Though that may be true, it looks like she has finally moved on from Stevie this time and got herself a new boo. And though not much is known about this guy as of now, Mimi appears to be really feeling him as she showed off a picture of her man, who goes by the name Nikko, to her followers who were happy to see that she was checking for someone else other than Stevie:

Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram
Photo Credit: @mimifaust Instagram

As much as Mimi’s fans are glad to see her move on to another man after all she put up with from Stevie, some of them couldn’t help but to bring up again that her new dude resembles Stevie J. just a tad.


    1. I actually didn’t read the article, but I read the headline, “Mimi shows off her new man”… Automatically I go looking for his pic, lmao I thought the same thing…. Steeeeeeebieeee… lmao

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