Keyshia Cole Goes off Again About Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: @keyshiacole Instagram
Photo Credit: @keyshiacole Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole is standing her grounds on those infamous comments she made about Michelle Williams during her performance with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland at the Super Bowl. During Beyonce’s critically acclaimed performance and brief Destiny’s Child reunion, Keyshia took to her Twitter account to slam Michelle’s performing abilities. Keyshia seems to think that Michelle can’t hang with Beyonce and Kelly, and she even suggested that Michelle threw off the show with her dance moves. Although Keyshia instantly became a target for angry tweets and her mentions were destroyed, she refused to back down or retract her statements.

And just to make it clear to her “haters” that they wouldn’t get her down, the R&B singer uploaded a photo of the amount of money she was offered up front for an upcoming performance.

Michelle Williams opted to take the high road and instead of engaging in a full fledge Twitter beef with Keyshia Cole, she instead gave an interview with Billboard, and suggested that she throughly enjoyed her time on stage with Beyonce and Kelly. She even said that she really doesn’t care what anyone, including Keyshia Cole, thinks about her.

Michelle also took to her Facebook account and thanked her fans for all of their support, but also stated that she feels women should be more supportive of one another.

Welp, Keyshia doesn’t seem to care too much about being supportive at this point, and instead of taking Michelle’s advice, she tweeted us and said she didn’t care what Michelle said about her performance either.

Here’s the tweet:

keyshia cole michelle williams beef

keyshia cole twitter

Welp, there you have it. Perhaps it’s time for people to just accept that Keyshia will not be making any apologies to Michelle…ever.

Anywho, shout out to Rhymes With Snitch for catching this, we almost missed it.


  1. Oh Keyshia. I respect that she didn’t do like most celebs and be fake and backtrack, but it’s really time to move on. I stopped caring the day after the SB.

  2. For the love of God, Keysha please let it go! People are going to keep tweeting you and shading you, dust off your shoulders and keep it moving. She has wasted too much time on this, while Michelle said her thoughts and moved on. She should do the same.

  3. I’m #TEAMKEYSHIA on this. She stated her opinion and should be able to on her Twitter account just like everyone else. People need to move on. And yes, Michelle is a terrible dancer and a lackluster singer. Is Keyshia better than her, not necessarily, but she said the truth. I like Michelle, but the same people dragging Keyshia are the same ones who have been making fun of Michelle for years.

    1. But Michelle is on Broadway though. You can’t do Broadway without knowing how to really sing. She definitely has more talent than Keyshia.

  4. I hope this is going to be Keyshia’s last tweet on this. I have truly ran out of f-cks to give on this subject.

  5. keisha cole need not to worry about other people career and worry about her mother drug habbit she so childish for her remark and to post how much she get paid for events its alot of time that she dont sound that hot herself her best hits is when her feelings are hurt get real and grow up!!!!!

  6. Ok but Michelle had the chance to do something Keyshia will never do…and that’s performing at the SB. She needs to have several seats. I like her, but her nasty attitude is annoying.

  7. I stil like Keyshia. I just wish she would calm it down a bit. She throws too many tantrums on Twitter. Get back to the music.

  8. …obviously the people that’s paying her that money haven’t heard her sing live. they definitely over paid her smh

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