Former America’s Next Top Model Winner Eva Marcille on Drugs?

Photo Credit: Toglenn
Photo Credit: Toglenn

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Eva Marcille on drugs? Eva Marcille got her big shot at starting up a modeling career as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model a few years ago. And emerged the winner of Cycle 3 of the show. Since walking away the winner from Season 3 of ANTM, Eva has continued to get modeling gigs, grace the cover of major publications and land roles and make cameo appearances on various TV shows. With all the opportunities that she started to see, it was clear that Eva Marcille’s career was moving in the right direction as a lot of positive things were happening for her. And things were looking just as good for her love life too as the model was engaged to Actor Lance Gross at one point.  Things may still be looking pretty good for Eva Marcille as far as her career is concerned, but the latest gossip about the model suggest that she has picked up a very bad habit. There is now talk going around about Eva Marcille supposedly being on drugs, with much speculation about exactly which drugs in particular that the model is said to be on.

And not only is Eva Marcille supposedly on drugs,  her new boo thang Singer Kevin McCall is said to have absolutely nothing at all to say to her about it either because she has his nose wide open.

Here’s the scoop from Mouth to Ears:

According to our sources Eva was rolling all weekend and we ain’t talking about a river. Sources claim that all weekend she was high as a kite. While our sources think she was on a molly others are saying cocaine. We can not say which is true, but we hope neither. Sources went as far to say that her new love interest, Kevin Mccall, ( who is friends with Chris Brown and wrote deuces) is not putting the smash on her situation. They say he is so in love with her he lets her do whatever.




  1. I Refuse to Believe this Yet I’m not a Close friend or Confidant so how would I know, But I will say that Many Think that Its Okay to Smoke Weed, Skunk, Gancha whatever U want to Call It Including My Grown Sons Its Like the New Bubble Gum with these Twenty Somethings, If She’s Doing Hard Drugs Cocaine or Heroin she Really Need to Get that in Check, Since I See Her and Kevin McCall are Expecting.

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