Keyshia Cole & Daniel Gibson Clap Back at the Rocky Marriage Rumors

keyshia cole

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole has had an interesting couple of weeks. The singer made headlines when she talked reckless about Michelle William’s performance at the Super Bowl along side Beyonce and Kelly Rowland; and even made it clear that there wasn’t anything anyone could say or tweet to make her retract her statements. Michelle Williams made it clear in her interview with Billboard and her personal Facebook page that she isn’t concerned about what Keyshia thinks of her. She also admitted that she wished women supported each other more when they have big moments like performing at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Although it was kind of obvious that the criticism she received started to get under her skin, many started to wonder if Keyshia was just acting out on Twitter for other reasons. Specifically, people wondered if she was unhappy in her marriage to Daniel Gibson. Keyshia didn’t help people’s curiosity when she tweeted some very cryptic tweets the other day, and neither did Daniel would he tweeted some of his own. However, it appears that the couple wants to set the record straight and let the media know that they aren’t giving up on their marriage, despite what we’ve been seeing posted on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Daniel posted the following photos and captions:

keyshia cole daniel gibson

keyshia cole daniel


We still think both were venting their frustrations with one another on the social networks, but it’s good to see that Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson plan to stick it out and stay together.


  1. Keyshia is just messy. She stirs up her own drama, puts it out on social media and then wants to complain about when people have something to say. Keyshia please have a stadium of seats. Stick to your music and try not to be TMZ Mrs. Cole.

  2. I hope they are good and not just trying to save face. Keyshia gets on my last nerves, but I do hope her marriage will last. Even ratchet people need love.

  3. They should have never tweeted the foolishness they tweeted. When you’re famous and married, you have to be careful about what you tweet. Anything can be perceived as marriage issues. And people that aren’t famous need to follow the same rules.

  4. Whatever, They are still putting too much of their business on Twitter. Then he’s holding up his middle finger like people care enough about them to want them to fail. Honestly, no one is checking for them like that. People just figured there had to be a source of Keyshia’s obvious bitterness. That’s all.

  5. So why was Keyshia so quiet the day the blogs said her marriage was in trouble? Little miss big mouth was quiet as a pin drop. She didn’t tweet at all that day. So did they call each other up to take these pictures? LOL I guess.

    1. Yes. That pink hair is a hot mess! He could have posted better pics of them. And is that him cause I can’t see his face?

  6. You get what you put out! Next time they won’t put their business on Twitter. They did and the blogs gave them the business! Can’t blame no one but themselves.

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