50 Cent Calls out Lil Wayne for Comments About Chris Bosh’s Wife

Photo Credit: Alex Const
Photo Credit: Alex Const

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper 50 Cent is known to be a pretty outspoken figure in the entertainment industry. So when it comes to situations with other rappers, 50 oftentimes gives his opinion on what’s making the headlines. As we reported last week, Lil Wayne made headlines when he ranted against the Miami Heat and even dropped a bomb claiming that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife. While he would offer no kind of time frame of when he allegedly had relations with Adrienne Bosh, some are speculating that it happened before she got married. Since Lil Wayne made the claims, Adrienne’s past has become a favorite target for other rappers and random chicks on Twitter who claim to have known her when she was allegedly just a party girl.

Adrienne herself has been mum on the controversy besides a few retweets, but she’s been extremely classy about such a messy situation. It now appears that rapper 50 Cent may feel that Lil Wayne should have taken a page out of Adrienne’s book and  kept it classy too.

In a recent interview on Shade 45, 50 basically said that although Adrienne shouldn’t have put herself in that situation, he felt Lil Wayne was out of line for making those allegations in public about Chris Bosh’s wife. He also compares Lil Wayne’s outburst to AP.9 taunting Ice-T with questionable photos of his wife.

He says:

“That was cold-blooded man, cold-blooded. You know what’s crazy though? That’s not the only thing I’ve seen like that though. I saw something with Ice-T. [AP.9], yeah. I’m just not for all that kind of sh*t, man. I’m not built for that. They’ve got to go. … From a male’s perspective, I think it’s a woman’s responsibility to not put herself in that position where she’s looking crazy. Like, he can say what he want to say because it’s making us talk about him right now. … Who’s fault is it? It’s her fault, right? … [Wayne] was messing with the girl a long, long time ago? Okay. She was just rolling. If she was single, there’s nothing wrong, if it happened before [the Bosh marriage].”


  1. I can’t believe I actually agree with 50 on something. But yeah, whatever a woman does in her past is her PAST. Lil Wayne was childish for even taking it there.

    1. Exactly. But Lil Wayne has always been a sexist a-shole and very childish when it comes to sex (hence all those damn baby mamas), so no one should be surprised that he said what he did.

  2. He’s right though. If she wasn’t married, I don’t understand the problem. These men had no problem sleeping with her (Lil Wayne included), so what does that make them?

  3. But he also said a woman should never put herself in this situation. And that’s some real sh-t. You don’t have to be a nun but you don’t have to be a groupie either.

  4. I think the men who made a big deal out of Adrienne’s past (and any other woman’s past) are just childish. This is 2013. Women have sex. Now I’m not saying it’s cool to do groupie things, but if Chris Bosh thought she was good enough to marry, who are they to keep bringing up her past? And had Lil Wayne not have gotten his feelings hurt by the Miami Heat, he would have never said anything. So yeah…I’m with 50 on this one.

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