Keyshia Cole Responds to Reports of Her Dissing Fans?

Photo Credit: @keyshiacole Instagram
Photo Credit: @keyshiacole Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole may have landed herself as the new favorite target of the Beyhive since she decided to slam Beyonce for her controversial “Bow Down” song, but when it comes to her own fan base, even some of her most loyal supporters aren’t too happy with her. As we reported recently, Keyshia made headlines after her own fans called into a Detroit radio station and blasted her for showing up to an event about two hours late. The fans even said Keyshia wasn’t even apologetic for her late arrival and told people who were angry to leave if they weren’t going to support her at this point of her career. Here’s some of the comments the fans exclusively told Hot 107.5:

“I mean I can’t believe Keyshia Cole had me waiting out here for three hours. She showed up 2 and a half hours late just to see her and I couldn’t even get a picture. What the f*ck is that?”


And a tweet suggested the singer had no issue with telling her own fans to leave if they had a problem:

“This b*tch MAAAAAAD, the crowd wasn’t rockin hard w/ her she said “At ths point in my career if u not rockin w/ me u can get out” lmaooooo u not Jay-Z or Beyonce ppl ain’t rockin w/ EVERY song. ..Aye my tickets were free soooo umnmm I can say this “Keyshia a rat w/ money” lol her stage presence says “cheese please” lmaooo”


Now Keyshia is no stranger to using her Twitter account to clap back at the media and critics, so we expected her to have a few words for the reports that claim she’s burned a few bridges with some of her own fans in Detroit. And by the looks of this tweet, it seems the singer isn’t fazed at all that she let down some of her fans. She tweets:

keyshia cole twitter


  1. This is why I don’t understand how anyone can ride with this hood rat. She has no class, she’s rude, bitter, jealous, and selfish. They thought it was so cute when she dissed Beyonce, but now they see she’ll diss them too. She deserves everything coming her way.

  2. She is an idiot doesn’t she realize that her fans are all she has. These are the people the help you feed your family and are your livelihood. She is ungrateful little b-tch she deserves everything that coming to her. I knew it was a reason I never liked her.

  3. Keyshia girl please just go away. You’re an embarrassment to yourself. You’re an idiot for pissing off the 5 fans you had left.

  4. Her and K. Michelle act just alike! Something is truly up with keyshia, is there trouble in her and Boobie’s paradise???

  5. Well Keyshia’s just treating her fans like sh-t because she’s still mad her tickets are only going for free or $5. She’s got to take her anger out on somebody…LOL. #BowDown

  6. I honestly just don’t think Keyshia wants to sing anymore. That’s the only reason she could be this sloppy. She’s getting blacklisted and angering her own fans…sounds like someone is just about ready to walk away from their music career.

    1. Well she needs to stop trying to walk away and just sprint away…no need to drag it out. She won’t be missed anyway. #GetTheQuittingBish

  7. Idiot. But this is what simple folk label as “being real.” But in the real world it’s called “being stupid.”

  8. That’s it, I’m not buying another album. This is rude and just ridiculous. All she had to do was apologize when she got there. She’s got the big head for no reason! It’s not like she’s had that great of a career. Humble yourself you ungrateful disgrace of an artist!

  9. LOL I am laughing so hard right now. Why? Because people were trying so hard to defend her about Bey and acting like she was some kind of innocent, good person speaking her “opinion.” Nope, she’s just a bitter, nasty, jealous chick who doesn’t even respect her own fans. Thanks for showing your true colors Keyshia.

  10. Where are all the Keyshia stans now? Defend your girl and her ignorant behavior. Oh wait, you thought she’d ride for you like you ride for her. The same ones drag Bey all day but she would never do something like this. Y’all hate the wrong person. #FAIL

  11. That’s really cruddy of her to treat her fans like that. I like some of her songs, but her attitude causes me to not want to listen to anything she has out or had out (and I don’t consider myself a fan). I just turn to another station or the next song on my iPod. I can’t stand disrespectful people!

  12. I am not going to drag Keyshia for this because to be honest we don’t even know what she was tweeting about. Did someone tweet her about her supposeddly being late and she answered back with that tweet? You really can’t say that so until I am sure thats what she was talking about I am going to be neutral.If she indeed was directing that to her fans then time will tell. To be honest I just think people just looking for a reason to drag Keyshia because she has been so vocal about her opinions and are standing by them.

    1. She showed up to an event two hours late and didn’t apologize. That’s not a rumor, that’s a fact. Then she told her own fans they could bounce if they had an issue, again, fact. So yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s getting dragged because she was wrong. Don’t blame the blogs for what she’s choosing to do. They are doing their jobs…reporting. She needs to do hers and show up on time. And she is talking about the situation in this tweet because she wrote this as soon as the story started to spread to the blogs. It’s not a coincidence and I’m glad the media caught on to it. That’s her problem now. People like to excuse her behavior and confuse it for being real. She’s not real, she’s rude. You can’t behave that way to your fans.

  13. Sometimes the media has a way of twisting things around. She could have been tweeting about something totally different. Sometimes we drag a person before we even know whats going on. I’m just saying.

  14. The media doesn’t have to twist anything around when it comes to Keyshia Cole! A blind person can tell this tweet is about what happened in Detroit. This tweet was about what her fans were saying to the radio station. She ALWAYS responds to everything said about her in the media. Always! I am tired of her getting passes from people for being so messy and RUDE. She can have a whole stadium of seats and disappear from music all together.

    1. That’s nothing. When she was in Charolette she keep restarting her songs over and over…like damn did this ish even rehearse

  15. It’s funny how k-Michelle is just as rude, disrespectful, violet and always voice her opinion, but people still stand by her and love her. I don’t think she is different from keyshia Cole. They both float the same boat.

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