Singer Lil Mo Takes Shots at Keyshia Cole on New T-Shirts?

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/ Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Lil Mo and Keyshia Cole beef continues. R&B singer Keyshia Cole is known for speaking her mind and she doesn’t really care who she offends in the process. Although that’s a part of her personality her loyal fans have come to love about her, it has burned bridges for her in the music industry. Keyshia’s most controversial “beef” to date would have to be with superstar Beyonce, as Keyshia came for Bey and called her a hypocrite for the lyrics in her “Bow Down” track. Although Beyonce’s fans did quickly bury Keyshia in her mentions, she hasn’t backed down from her comments, and says she doesn’t mind half of the industry turning it’s back on her for talking greasy about Bey. Interestingly enough, recently Keyshia’s mom Frankie claimed Keyshia likes to tweet controversial comments because she’s married and bored, and she’s actually a big fan of Beyonce and even loves Destiny’s Child:

“Sometimes she gets bored. She didn’t mean no harm. Actually, it was a compliment. because Michelle did keep up. But she did say I’m not Frankie’s Child, I’m Destiny’s Child. Shout out to Keyshia. But my baby gon’ get that Grammy. Shout out to Michelle, Beyonce, and what’s the other one’s name? Deez nuts! I’m just playing. Shout out to Destiny’s Child. Y’all did a wonderful job.

“And Keyshia didn’t mean no harm. Y’all just gotta give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s married. Sometimes she gets bored. She has her Kodak moments but when she says something negative, that means it’s positive. That’s how she rolls.”

R&B singer Lil Mo has been off of the scene for a while, but she claims Keyshia needs to hop off Twitter, hire a publicist, and keep Beyonce’s name out of her mouth. Interestingly enough, she’s created an entire line of T-shirts that spread the message, prompting Keyshia’s fans to believe she’s taking jabs at Keyshia. Peep the shirts below:


keyshia cole and lil mo beef


In the caption via her Instagram account, Lil Mo writes:

Who’s Ya Publicist?! Who’s Tweetin’ for You?! T-Shirts BOGOHO (buy one get one half off) for MOmorial day ONLY!! Total price for 2 Tees/, mixtape and US priority shipping: $37.50 [email protected] for ordering info. Thank You


However, Lil Mo claims the T-Shirts aren’t jabs at Keyshia and it’s a saying she’s had for a while now:

lil mo and keyshia cole beef


    1. And that’s how it should be! When someone works hard for years in the biz, they deserve respect. Not tweet shade from little hoodrats who have marginal talent.

  1. LOL! I love it! And yes, she’s is playing coy. We know who this shirt was about. Can’t even be mad she’s going to make money from this tho.

  2. Not a keyshia cole fan but Lil Mo cant yall about nobody needing a publicist…if the person you are shading has a better career than you then you shouldnt shade….same goes for Keyshia…

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