Tamar Braxton Gives Birth to a Baby Boy

Photo Credit: @tamarbraxtonher Instagram
Photo Credit: @tamarbraxtonher Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality television star and R&B singer Tamar Braxton had many guessing if she was pregnant for months before she confirmed via her Instagram account she was expecting just weeks after denying the reports on the social networking site. And it wasn’t too long after the confirmation that her BFF Tiny Harris slipped up and told the whole world the baby’s gender. In an interview with Hip Hollywood, Tiny accidentally confirmed the baby was a boy and although Tamar tried to play down Tiny’s spilling of the beans, Tamar certainly did give birth to a baby boy on Thursday. The reality star confirmed the baby’s arrival on her Twitter account and she posted a photo a hospital room containing three teddy bears and balloons serving as confirmation the baby had finally made his debut to the world:

tamar braxton gives birth


Regarding the photo, she writes:

friends HE’S finally here!


There’s still no word yet on the baby’s name as of yet, however, Tamar is said to be doing well and so is the baby.

Despite new mom status, Tamar plans on moving forward with her R&B career. When asked while pregnant months ago if she felt being a new mom would slow down her success any, Tamar seems to think her career won’t be stalled as long as she continues to churn out great music. “Love and War” is a certified hit, and with the release of her newest single “The One,” Tamar is hoping her hot streak on the charts will continue. In Tamar’s eyes, motherhood won’t be an issue.

Congrats to Tamar and Vince on their new bundle of joy.


  1. I’m happy for them. A baby is a blessing. Hopefully she won’t become too overwhelmed and can continue on with her music.

  2. Hmmm…congrats to her but she’s naive if she thinks being a new mom won’t interfere somewhat with her career. It’s going to be tough. She’s still trying to establish herself versus someone like Bey who has already had plenty of success already and doesn’t have to work as hard anymore.

    1. This is true. It’s hard on a new mom to have a career. She won’t even want to leave that baby.

  3. Being a new and working mom is hard. Hopefully she’ll have enough support to keep on doing music.

  4. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of mom Tamar is going to be. She’s a very selfish and materialistic person…it’s going to an eye opener to actually put someone else before herself for once.

  5. I still can’t believe a vain chick like tamar loved a big fat sloppy man like Vincent in the beginning its had t be his money she loved, Toni braxton even talks money with her moms boyfriends & Toni bankrupt I bet the conversation went like this Toni said “tamar get wit my manager he rich” tamar” hell no she don’t do obesity”toni ” but he rich” tamar “ok”

    1. Oh please..grow up! Looks dont have anything to do with true love & happiness! That man aint that damn big..you act like he’s 600 lbs!! Everyone else on here except you & another “negative Nancy” are congratulating the proud, happy new parents. Why do negative..ugly people like you have to sully up the place with you’re filth?! Everyone is not meant to be the same size..SO WHAT!! We come in all shapes & sizes..DEAL WITH IT!! If you’re not either calling someone “fat,” you’re calling them “ugly”! Does it make you feel good to put other people down..you small minded person? I suppose you must be a “vision of perfection?” Lol..DOUBT IT!

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