Mimi Breaks up with Nikko After He Tries to Hook up with Karlie Redd

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi breaks up with Nikko? Mimi Faust may have gotten off of Stevie J.’s bus because of his dirty antics which includes an affair with Joseline Hernandez, but her romance with Nikko hasn’t been that much better. In fact, Nikko hasn’t been all that respectful to Mimi and of course his beef with K. Michelle has also made things stressful. Not too long ago, K. Michelle accused Nikko of being on the down low, and she even said in interviews that she believes he’s only dating Mimi to get on TV. While Mimi sided with Nikko and refuses to believe the accusations, it now appears that she is seeing first hand that her new boo thang does have some shady ways.  In fact, Mimi found out not too long after Stevie J. gifted her with a new BMW that Nikko decided to get even by trying to hook up with Karlie Redd. And as a result, she decided to break up with him. In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Mimi confronts Nikko about trying to smash Karlie Redd and he claps back with accusations of his own. Nikko seems to think Mimi is the one using him for camera time. Nikko tells Mimi:

“I seen a white wedding. You came to my video screening party, supposed to be my woman and your baby father show up in white just like you in a white car. And you embraced him. I wasn’t mad about the car situation but the way it was set up, wow.

“So you don’t think I know you and Stevie were plotting against me?”


Mimi then tells Nikko his theory doesn’t make any sense and Stevie’s arrival wasn’t planned:

“You sound very insecure and crazy. And I think because you were feeling insecure, you had to go and holler at Karlie Redd. I spoke to her today.”


Nikko still feels he is being used:

“So what was I a rebound just to calm your feelings?”


The conversation goes downhill fast but things got even more heated after Nikko asks Mimi if she’s down for a “minaj” with Karlie Redd. Mimi then gets in Nikko’s face and calls off their relationship before storming out of his apartment.

Now as we reportedly recently, Nikko’s friends dragged Mimi for “using” him, so the last time we checked these two were still having issues. However, Mimi and Nikko just made a recent appearance on “Kandi Koated Nights” and claimed they are still together.


Check out the clip below:


  1. This is so messy. I don’t understand how he can try to call her out for using him when I’m pretty he just dated her to get on the show anyway.

  2. Really? I think it was very disrespectful that Mimi invited Stevie to Nikko’s video screening especially since they have so many issues that they are dealing with.I also don’t think it’s cool that Nikko tried to talk to Karlie . I believe that Mimi loves getting treated the way she does and thrives off of drama because when you know better you do better and to me it seems like she hops from one bad situation to another instead of taking the time for herself to heal. I also don’t like how Mimi curses and tries to act gangsta, but she never pop nothing because it makes her look stupid especially since she has allowed Stevie to continuously walk all over her, so when I see her “acting” hard towards nyone I just shake my head in shame. I’m embarrassed for her.

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