Ne-Yo is Clueless About Why He Got Slammed over Instagram Breakup Meme

Photo Credit: @neyoisred Instagram
Photo Credit: @neyoisred Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The Ne-Yo Instagram breakup incident really bothered a number of the singer’s fans. Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo has made a name for himself in the music industry and has gotten the chance to work with a number of top entertainers in the business. Though the singer’s songwriting skills are incredible, Ne-Yo still manages to find his way into some rather messy situations with some of the things he says and does as you can always count on Ne-Yo to say exactly what is on his mind, even if it may offend or upset some people. Not too long ago, the singer faced a lawsuit filed by his former girlfriend Jesseca White for allegedly defaming her character as he claimed Jesseca led him to believe he was the father of her child when he wasn’t during his “Behind the Music” special with VH1. Ne-Yo found no problem at all speaking about his personal life on TV so we could only assume the same thing would apply to social media.

A week ago, Ne-Yo let his followers know things weren’t going too well in his relationship with longtime girlfriend and mother of his children Monyetta Shaw. And he did it by posting a meme on his Instagram account confirming their breakup.

Ne-Yo got slammed by his fans over the meme as many of them thought the way he chose to announce his break up from Monyetta was very distasteful.

The meme controversy has since died down. And Ne-Yo is still clueless as to why people were so upset with him for announcing the breakup with a meme on Instagram:

ne yo instagram break up




  1. SMH. People didn’t think he broke up with her on IG, they just thought he shouldn’t have broadcasted it on IG like an attention whore. A simple statement sent to the media would have sufficed. He’s such a queen.

  2. You mean he still doesn’t understand creating a meme for a breakup was corny and very Kardashian like? Come on Ne-Yo.

  3. He really sucks. He did the most and didn’t need to. But this is the same person who threw a tantrum on twitter when people called him out for that awful All Stars performance.

  4. Chile please. I don’t even know how that poor woman put up with him for all those years. I know she’s glad it’s over.

    1. LOL basically. She’s probably partying and having a celebration. Good for her to be rid of this fool.

  5. I’m missing the big deal… Did his ex have a problem with it?? Women please calm your estrogen down. Thanks!!

  6. Yeah because creating a meme to announce your breakup on IG (who the f does that anyway?) isn’t bad enough…

  7. Lame adults who love to put all their business on Instagram and Twitter find nothing wrong with what this flaming queen did. I don’t announce my breakups on IG and create memes for them. TF? That sh-t is lame and just shows how social media has turned most people into superficial attention whores. Like, who cares? Keep that sh-t to yourself or send a statement to the press like celebs people actually DO care about Ne-Yo.

    1. They also take selfies all day and post pictures of every damn thing they eat. Damn people have gone to sh-t.

  8. I was just baffled he created an actual meme for it. Who does that? I don’t get people these days. Everyone is staring for attention. LOL.

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