Instagram Tea: Tamar Braxton & Amber Rose Show off Their Cute Babies

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa have been proud parents since February, but they haven’t rushed to show off little Sebastian’s face to their waiting fans and supporters. The new husband and wife instead have opted to be sure not to show any glimpses of their son’s face even though we’ve seen plenty of his legs and feet on Instagram. While some suspected the couple probably refrained from showing his face because they were probably shopping around for a magazine cover, others assumed they didn’t want their child’s looks to be up for debate in the comment sections of Instagram. And considering how other celeb’s kids have had to endured the intense judgement of their physical attributes (Blue Ivy everyone), we can’t say we blame them. Even though Amber and Wiz still aren’t technically letting the world see Sebastian and all his cuteness, she did finally let everyone see some of the baby’s face. And from what we can see, he’s a chubby faced cutie pie. She posted the following photos of her enjoying her baby boy in the pool:

amber rose son 3
amber rose son 2
amber rose son


Too cute.


Tamar Braxton is also a new mommy, and despite her controversial comments about not loving her son at first sight, the reality star/singer/newbie talk show host is loving her new life in parenthood. She took to her Instagram account today to introduce little Logan to the world. She posted the following mommy and son photo:


tamar braxton son logan




  1. At some point. Amber and Wiz are going to have to show that baby’s face. I like them and all, but it’s getting annoying.

    1. Cosign. Like just show the baby’s face! You can’t keep some people from being stupid trolls. That’s impossible.

  2. Amber Rose is still trying to be Beyonce? Why? That whole hiding the baby’s face things has been done to death. Just stop.

  3. Cute! I’m sure Amber and Wiz will show the baby’s whole face when they are ready. They are new parents and the thought of criticism about their baby’s looks is probably holding them back. They aren’t the first.

  4. Baby Bash looks like he has adorable chubby cheeks and Logan looks just like Vince. I’m happy for all the parents.

  5. Tamar’s little 1 is soo cute,need a baby minder call me wouldn’t mind sharing those blings with you at all.little bash can’t see the face but seems fresh

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