Tami Roman Says She Was Only Violent on BBW Because It ‘Worked’ for Ratings

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Was Tami Roman violent for ratings? “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman found herself in the middle of controversy during season four of the hit VH1 reality show. Although Tami came busting onto the scene attacking Evelyn Lozada for sleeping with her ex husband Kenny Anderson while they were still married, season four viewers had reached their limit with both Evelyn and Tami’s behavior on-screen. Tami didn’t get along too well with newbie (and now ex) cast member Kesha Nichols, and people were infuriated when she got all in non-agressive Kesha’s face after having too many drinks and even stole her purse to prove a point. After the backlash kicked off and a petition demanding the show was cancelled went viral, Tami had to start owning up to her actions. In so many words, she hinted the show’s drama was staged and encouraged by the producers, but in the end a decrease in ratings and the loss of advertisers forced the network to promise the next season would be more positive.

Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal, and Tami Roman have been saying in interviews for months the show will be more positive, but the supertrailer released last week paints a very different story. Interestingly enough, Tami low key seems to admit she only got violent because she thought it’s what the viewers wanted and it’s what they called entertainment seasons prior. She tells VH1:

“I think my approach to this season was to basically learn how to talk with the ladies and be more of a voice rather than a fist. It’s not that Tami didn’t know how to articulate. It’s not that Tami doesn’t know how to interact with people. But I chose to only use one dynamic of myself. You know, I am very articulate, I am educated. I have worked in Corporate America. I have had my own business in the past and I think I wasn’t showing all of that because I came into the situation one way and I said okay, that’s working, let me just stay there. And it worked until it didn’t work. So, now I had to take responsibility and dial back and open more of myself up.

“People think. ‘Oh she’s grown or she’s changed.’ And really it’s just me really showing 100% of myself and not one aspect.”


Tami also once again reassured fans of the show they will see a drastically different show and see more of who the ladies really are:

“I will definitely say that the tone of the show has changed. We’ve all been together for so long that we all kind of know how each person operates and I think that creates a different dynamic in itself. We’re able to show people that we can talk through problems, that we’ve grown, we’ve all matured.

“Outside of our interactions, we have real lives. And I think this season we inject more of our real reality.”


Check out the interview below:


  1. This is why I say all money ain’t good money. If you have to show your a-s to be on this show, just maybe you need to think of a better way to make a living. Reality stars are some of the dimmest people I’ve ever seen.

  2. Whatever. No one held a gun to her head and told her to act like a hoodrat. These “women” have excuses for days as to why they acted like complete fools on TV.

  3. Isn’t she acting now? She could walk away from this show and get serious about that. Why sign up for another season of a show that encourages you to act trashy?

  4. Tami we figured that much. We’re just baffled you were dumb enough to go along with it Ms. I have an Education.

  5. All I hear is blah, blah, blah. How has the show changed if she’s still trying to fight in restaurants? I can’t believe anyone still wants to watch this trash.

  6. I’ve thought this from the beginning. Especially with Evelyn. Seems she started off pretty regular temper-wise, but then kept getting rougher and rougher with each season until she was jumping over tables and throwing bottles. Never seemed completely authentic to me, but more for show. And if you think back, although Tami was always quick with the mouth on The Real World, she wasn’t physical and this was when she was younger and before she had children. Now, all of a sudden as a grown woman with half-grown kids, she’s a thug? No. I believe it is just as she says. She (and others) played it up for the camera thinking that this is what audiences wanted.

  7. People better stop letting these producers make them look stupid. Because when it hits the fan, you’re the one looking stupid.

  8. Ahhh it’s whatever, Tami is still going to fight, she has been doing that since here real world days, its who she is, so let’s not try to cover it up like its the show influencing you. You fight first talk later

  9. I feel you all are out of place judging these people. We all have done done things that we are not proud of & we all have done fought whether it was with hands or words. The only difference between us and them is that their lives are being aired on television for the world to see. Not only that, but some parts are staged and the producers pick certain scenes that they want people to see. People need to realize that its a REALITY SHOW, meaning its real. Its showing what actually goes on in not just them people lives, but also others. Some of you people probably haven’t experienced it because nowadays people are scary and fake.You claim you won’t watch this season and how you don’t like the show yet you follow up with its blogs and things with the negative comments. Please have a seat with the rest of the crew with the negative talk.

    Have a blessed day.!!!!!

  10. So people are phony and fake for not fighting? My God I read the dumbest comments on here from BBW fans. Y’all put down women who actually respect themselves for the ones who don’t. Pardon us for not wanting to embarass our people and act like stereotypical black women. We’re so fake for that and phonier for not watching the show accirding to you. Smh.

  11. I thought they cancelled this ghetto a– show. they all need to find something else to do like go back to school for real ….

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