Tami Roman Claims ‘Basketball Wives’ Producers Called OG Chijindu Ugly

Tami Roman
Photo Credit: VH1

Former “Basketball Wives” stars OG Chijindu and Tami Roman experienced conflict while on the show.

For former “Basketball Wives” stars OG Chijindu and Tami Roman, conflict on the show was something they never avoided. In fact, both stars experienced major conflicts almost as early as their first episodes on the show. They also had some memorable moments while going against Evelyn Lozada.

But for Tami, she seemingly felt an immediate bond with OG. And Tami felt like she could really relate to her.

Well, Tami revealed recently why she quickly gravitated towards OG when she joined the cast. According to Tami, BBW producers seemingly bad-talked OG to the cast, something she felt was done to her.

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  1. Why is Tami still talking about BBW? I thought she said that she was completely done with BBW? Why comment on this now? It’s old news! Keep it moving Tami. Don’t you have some cheaters to catch?

    1. Everybody knows OG is a beautiful woman and she can hold her own. Why you bringing this up now Tami? You trying to get a rise out of the BBW producers? You want back on the show? You said BBW will always be in your rearview mirror. Don’t look it though. You still talking BBW in every interview. Don’t you have a new Cheaters show? Shouldn’t you be talking that show up? I’m asking ’cause the OG versus BBW drama has played out. And last I heard, OG ain’t feeling you right about now.

  2. Tami has this annoying knack of making herself out to be a victim all the time. Tami was in a green screen interview making fun of how OG dressed and her Nigerian head scarf/wrap. She switched up when she realized OG could fight. Next!

    1. One thing Tami don’t need is BBW. Folks gonna bring it up in every interview. No Tami stan, just an observation. Tami has 4 shows on currently and I believe she’s still with her husband. That show has become so boring that if she wanted to go back they’d welcome with a fat check.

      1. And that’s a fact, cause I’d make it a point to watch again. 💖I like Tamie ,and OG, and seem to me that they did pick at both women, Tamie for being on food stamps and not ah slut like most act and it shows there true nature and natural self, they picked on OG from the gett. I would want to just come through the TV cause that was wrong, and the one who was so mad with OG, I believe they had her on the show just for Everlyn to have some important cause she’s friends with Shaq ‘s Ex, wife , the one that like to throw a brick and hide her hand, used dumn Everlyn.

    1. Tami needs to get over it. She’s moved on. Basketball wives made her. Prior to that she had only been on the teal world. Tami feelings are hurt because Shawnee choose Evelyn. OG was bitter and that made her Tammi best friend. So sad they have nothing better to do. Move on Tammi seen you in some projects. Keep doing what your doing.

  3. Ok….did anyone really read the article?!!…. It was said that Tammi was on a panel and was asked about the BBW and OG situation!!! I truly don’t think she wants to return to the show!!!! And OG is very beautiful woman!!!!

    1. @KoCo Jai Just because you are on a panel and get a question doesn’t mean you have to spill your guts and go all in! She should’ve given a Final Jeopardy answer: What is…next question. You know Tami is messy. Stop.

  4. Tami, as O.G’s friend, how do you think your interview made her feel? Was it necessary for you to repeat it? You could have said that you witnessed some things that did not sit well with your spirit, you did not have to repeat it.

  5. Those producers no longer produce the show so why say this now? Should have called them out while it was happening. Seems like Tami wanted a pat on the back for befriending OG like it was some type of charity work or something. Weird comments.

  6. Tami always had a spiteful spirit. She had it on BBW and now off the show. How many times she had interviews, not of her endeavors, but of drama seasons Girl Bye👋🏽 . I thought you said you will be more successful and don’t need the toxicity, but you follow it so stop it. Not everyone thinks everyone looks good and that has nothing to do with race. I’m sure there are many who saw a person and said they look beautiful or ugly . Who cares we all have our prejudices. Stop the narrative and focus on doing you. They not dropping your name in interviews or projects and it’s okay to decline a question and be more political about the answer.

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