Tami Roman Checks Shamea Morton Over Recent ‘Basketball Wives’ Comments

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Friendships are constantly being tested on “Basketball Wives.”

Basketball Wives” is back with new episodes. When the current season left off, Malaysia Pargo found herself in an interesting position. As it stands, she’s not on good terms with multiple cast members. Although she used to be best friends with Brandi Maxiell, their friendship fell apart after Brandi left the show. And Brandi accused Malaysia of not being there for her enough. However, Malaysia denies that she was a lackluster friend. She believes the root of her issue with Brandi is her departure from the show. Malaysia thinks Brandi holds her accountable because she thinks Malaysia could have done something to prevent her eventual firing.

Malaysia is also not in a good place with Jennifer Williams, again. Years ago, Malaysia felt used by Jennifer. She suspected that Jennifer was telling her negative things about Evelyn Lozada so Malaysia would spread it around to the others. When Malaysia confronted Jennifer about it, the conversation went left. And Malaysia threw a table in Jennifer’s direction. They did eventually hash things out. However, Malaysia’s decision to bring Zell Swag back around the group left a bad taste in Jennifer’s mouth. She now thinks Malaysia is a messy person who has bad intentions in most cases.

The constant changes in the friendship group are one of the things that Tami Roman despised the most about being on “Basketball Wives.” In fact, she admitted that she began to feel left out while hanging out with Evelyn and Shaunie O’Neal. And that really impacted her friendship with Shaunie to the point where they are no longer friends.

Tami even said that she would no longer be on “Basketball Wives” while Evelyn is a cast member. In the meantime, Tami has moved on to focus on her acting career. And it seems as if she wants everyone else to move on from her time on “Basketball Wives” as well.

Tami Roman called out Shamea Morton on Instagram.

Hours ago, Tami checked Shamea Morton. The sometimes “Real Housewives of Atlanta” guest cast member promoted the return of “Basketball Wives” on her Instagram account. And Tami didn’t appreciate being mentioned in the video. Apparently, Shamea brought up Tami’s old feud with DJ Duffey.


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Tami made her feelings known in the comment section with a little humor. She wrote, “BYE SHAMEA! Girl do not imply I’m coming back or use clips of me to advertise the NEW SEASON of a show I’m not on. You can however talk about #TheMsPatShow returning on February 23rd! Please & Thank you. Now go away from me with this Apollo 😂.”

Shamea apologized, “@tamiroman I’m sorry sis!😰 You’re just one of my faves and when talking about the most iconic moments of this show, I figured I’d highlight you. But yes, everybody go and support @themspatshow 🙌🏾 😍”


  1. It really wasn’t that serious. Tami is confusing. One day she wants to sit with Carlos King and talk about BBWLA and Evelyn/Shaunie/OG for over an hour. And the next day she doesn’t want to be associated with the show. Like pick a side and stay there please.

    1. It is serious because that’s false advertising and people can get sued for that… Tami did what’s right and she didn’t went off like she normally do, she was setting her straight… and beside Tami is above that now so she doesn’t want to be known for just Basketball wives or bringing up bad things that happen on the show because it bring the ugly out of people and people don’t want to be known by that

      1. It’s not that serious and I think you and Tami are being melodramatic. No one is going to sue Shamea for an Instagram promo for a show barely anyone is watching these days. If Tami is so above Basketball Wives as you claim, then just maybe she herself should stop doing entire interviews about the show.

        1. May have been harmless to you, but Tami is not on the show and not being paid, so don’t use her name to promote a paycheck to those that may have contributed to her leaving.

          1. It was harmless. Tami signed a contract with VH1 that granted permission for them to use her name and likeness to promote the show in any way they choose. That doesn’t go away because she left. Just like VH1 still posts scenes of Sky on their socials and she hasn’t been on Black Ink in years. So when they ask people like Shamea to promote the show and discuss past moments and cast members, that isn’t a contractual breach in any way or grounds for a lawsuit.

      2. I disagree. Tami isn’t “above” the platform that gave her an opportunity to become the actress she always wanted to be. Tami even said she’d return to the show at some point. And she also talks about Basketball Wives a lot still.

      3. Tami signed a contract with Viacom/VH1 that granted permission for her image and name to be used to promote Basketball Wives in any way the network sees fit. That permission stays in place even after cast members leave the show. If they want to hire Shamea to talk about Tami’s old scenes, they can and there’s nothing Tami can do legally. Tami hasn’t changed much. She still picks on people she thinks are weak which is why she did this to Shamea.

  2. What’s the difference between Shamea’s post and Vh1 constantly posting flashback videos and countdowns to promote new episodes of their shows? Tami does the most at times. And it’s not cute.

  3. I have to agree with some of the others. Shamea didn’t mean any harm and made an honest mistake. I think Tami did more than what was required.

  4. Tami being tami. Am I surprised by her behavior. NOPE! Tami still speaking on bbw and give so called information about what happens behind the scenes. Tami just used this moment to do what she does , run over somone smaller just to promote herself.

  5. So what you not on a show anymore, be glad you were mentioned at all! The other show Ms.Pat, is corny asf. She really needs to get over herself, it ain’t that serious!

  6. I don’t care what yall say, Tami was not being malicious, she was being her normal funny self. That comment wasn’t anything she wouldn’t have comically said to her in person, lol. People reading too much into it. That “Go away from me with this Apollo” sent me 🤣😂💀

    1. No, you just think it’s funny when Tami bullies and publicly humiliates other women. The bit about Apollo was a lame attempt to make fans like you ignore the first half of her comment. I’ve always said she’s no better than Evelyn, and I stand by that. Y’all just give her a pass because she’s not Evelyn.

      1. Thank you, Tami bullied everyone on that show and she bragged about doing it.
        Tami is her own worse enemy. I will never forget how angry she was with Jennifer
        for not knowing what Food Stamps was. I didn’t know about FS until I was a teenager
        and a classmate was saying “they had to wait, to get sugar”. My dumb arse asked why
        they explained to me what it was. Tami was/is angry because Nostrils/Latin Slut never
        really let her in their private circle. Tami talks too much when she gets angry and she’s
        too Confrontational about the smallest things. Tami has grown but she still a work in
        progress as most of us are, but we’re not on TV to be judged…

  7. @CiCi I forgot when she fought Meeka because she was married with money and her husband
    respected her. Tami called/told her something to the effect of Shut your Black a-s mouth up.
    Naw dog, B*tch just because you’re lighter don’t mean chit, you still Black, so stop telling black
    women that when you’re Black yourself.. Tami’s record isn’t clean with her former cast mates..

  8. Tami is way above bbw and all y’all agreeing with what whatever the hell the girl name is don’t understand what tami is saying. Tami is and will forever be the best thing to come from that how, well her and my girl Jackie!

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