Tamar Braxton’s New Album Expected to Pull Big First Week Numbers

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Tamar Braxton album sales predicted for first week? Tamar Braxton just welcomed her first child into the world with her husband Vince a few months ago. The birth of her son Logan hasn’t slowed Tamar down one bit though as she is continuing to make moves in her career. The singer/reality TV star has been determined to create her own lane in the R&B game. And with the success she has seen so far, she looks to be well on her way to making it happen. Tamar’s single “Love and War” performed very well on the iTunes R&B chart for weeks and the track still remains to be a fan favorite. After taking a listen to the singles Tamar released, the Tamartians were more than ready for Tamar’s new album to hit stores.

Despite her ongoing beefs with other reality TV stars recently reigniting, Tamar Braxton has kept her focus on promoting her new album. K. Michelle even showed Tamar some love over her new album dropping and is planning to buy “Love and War.” Tamar’s “Love and War” album was released yesterday and the projections for its first week sales are in.

Billboard is reporting that Tamar Braxton’s new album “Love and War” is projected to sell around 100,000 to 110,000 copies in its first week and will most likely battle it out with Ariana Grande’s debut album “Yours Truly” for the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart. And because of the fact that Tamar’s reality show “Tamar & Vince” is set to air its new season on September 5th, it’s being predicted that the album sales numbers may fluctuate over the possible publicity Tamar may get over the airing of the new season of she and her husband’s reality show.


      1. I agree. They need to step their game up. Just because these women do reality tv don’t mean they can’t make great music

  1. I would be happy for Tamar but she is a hater and this will only make her more conceited & annoying then she already is. I really love Ariana Grande the way & baby I are my jams and she can sing she reminds of a young Mariah.

    1. Two totally different styles! K. Michelle’s album is Real. Tamar did good to sell the amount she did but its more main stream and the same stuff we have heard. “The One” is a remake actually about three times already. (M-tume, and Biggie, and Ashanti…) K sings about what artist are scared to. ….but I like tamars reality shows (braxton f. v and Ta and vince) havent seen her other talk show but from what I hear she is running her mouth about other celebs. I dont like that side to her. Just sing and dont beef. K and Tamar are mega talented but where is those platinum sales she was talking about on her show last nite! Not yet Tamar! Dont be so cocky too soon. Cant wait til big sis show you how its done AGAIN! Luv you on your shows sometimes and great since of humor but also luv how Vince puts you in your place. He’s good for you. Good Luck to you anyway! …..but leave K alone!

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