Tami Roman Replaces Tamar Braxton on ‘Tiny Tonight’

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tami Roman may have surged to instant fame when she came bursting on the scene on VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” and most of us realized the moment we saw her attack Evelyn for sleeping with her ex-husband Kenny Anderson that she would continue to bring the drama to the controversial reality show. And bring the drama she has ever since, unfortunately for Tami bringing the drama has also caused her to become the target of controversy. Not only did Tami instantly become labeled as one of the show’s most hated bullies after season four, but she and Evelyn were the main reasons the show ended up getting boycotted and became the subject of an online petition demanding VH1 to pull the plug.

In the end, some sponsors may have backed away from the show but VH1 opted to bring “Basketball Wives” back for another season. Interestingly enough, even though show favorites like Royce Reed and Jennifer Williams are gone (both made it clear on Twitter they are happy they jumped off a sinking ship anyway), Tami is finding out quickly that Shaunie and Evelyn can be a little shady, even if your name is Tami Roman.

Tami’s been hinting in her videos and even her recent video blog that she’s not having the best time being on the show these days and her friendships with Evelyn and Shaunie are basically non-existent at this point. While we’re hearing whispers that season five may be her last but haven’t taken them seriously, we’re starting to believe the rumors could be true considering Tami just landed yet another project outside of “Basketball Wives.”

Claudia Jordan took to her Twitter account to confirm that Tami Roman has been selected to replace Tamar Braxton on Tiny Harris’ VH1 talk show “Tiny Tonight.” Tami even retweeted Claudia’s confirmation:

tami roman tiny tonight


Tami also took to Twitter to thank Tiny for selecting her:

tami roman tiny tonight 2


Congrats to Tami on her new gig.

For those of you wondering why Tamar Braxton is being replaced, we were told Tamar’s contract with WE tv for her own reality show “Tamar & Vince” plus the possibility of her talk show “The Real” getting picked up by FOX made her contractually unable to commit to Tiny’s show.


  1. Hopefully she will do better then Tamar because I was done w/ that show between Tamar & Trina gold digging azz. Hopefully Tami will bring more realistic views to the show. I might tune in. FYI I listened to Tamar album last night and is was actually good I might not like her personality but she made a good r&b album.

    1. Yes the album is very good! Like I said on here last night K. and Tamar are coming harder than the old R&B chicks (Ciara and Kelly). That’s why they are selling more albums too!

      1. Yes I was very impressed with Tamar’s album. I can’t lie these old R&B chicks better step their game up literally.

    2. I think I might like this change. Trina also annoyed me too girl. They were talking about how a man can’t take them out if he doesn’t have a private jet. Ugh, I was done then with them then.

      1. Yes that is what I was talking about the private jet comments I was too through. Trina can’t be giving any potential mate advice. All she do is d-ck hop from famous guy to guy. First wayne, kenyon martin and now french montana. I guess she is determined to be w/ a so called baller while being passed around. Ha!

  2. Well good for Tami. Now she should quit that stale reality show of Shaunie’s. When you are getting big opportunities, that’s when it’s time to leave the reality shows behind.

  3. I’ll watch the first episode this season to get a feel for Tami dishing dirt on a talk show before I give my opinion on this.

  4. I think I might like this change. Tamar rubbed me the wrong way. She’s one of those people that just needs to shut up and sing.

  5. I guess…I’ll have to see how she does. It’s hard to imagine her acting like she can be classy and carry on an adult conversation after Basketball Wives.

  6. I hope The Real gets picked up!! As much as Tamar can be annoying, I have to assume that is her real personality because who would be so “Tamarish” just because. I love her because everyone hates her & she still doesn’t tone it down.

  7. O, & I thought Tiny Tonight was cancelled. I only saw like 2 episodes and I think one of those was a Christmas special. IDK maybe I just missed all the other episodes *shrugs*

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