Tami Roman Apologizes to Former BBW Star Meeka Claxton for Attacking Her

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Taren Vaughan

The Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton fight was one of the most talked about moments from season three of “Basketball Wives.” The wife of former NBA player Craig “Speedy” Claxton Meeka Claxton decided to give reality TV a try as she joined the cast of “Basketball Wives” for season three. Meeka’s stint as a BBW cast member didn’t last long though as she only remained on the show for one season after getting into a physical altercation with Tami Roman. In the midst of a heated exchange Meeka and Tami were having at a nightclub, Tami hauled off and slapped Meeka in the face. Although the fight was quickly broken up and Meeka didn’t sustain any serious injuries from the altercation, she made it clear that she was very disappointed at people’s reactions to her fight with Tami. And she couldn’t understand why Tami’s actions were not being viewed as disgraceful by those who watched what went down on TV and why some people were siding with Tami. The fight between Meeka and Tami resulted in Meeka filing a lawsuit against Tami.

Although Meeka Claxton is no longer on the show, BBW viewers haven’t forgotten about Tami slapping her and they refuse to let Tami move past her violent act as it was brought up again during the airing of “Basketball Wives” reruns. Despite still catching backlash over the incident, Tami has been persistent in her claims of being a changed person and says she’s not the bully everyone thinks she is. And to further prove she isn’t the same Tami from seasons past, she offered an apology to Meeka Claxton for attacking her.

Meeka and Tami both attended Fashion Week in New York City and happened to run into each other while they were there. The two had a heartfelt conversation and Tami apologized to Meeka for everything that happened.

Tami tweeted about her positive exchange with Meeka and says it felt great to apologize to her:

tami roman and meeka claxton fight tami apologizes to meeka

Meeka also tweeted about her convo with Tami and says she’s glad she and Tami got a chance to clear the air (Read from bottom to top):

tami roman and meeka claxton fight tami apologizes to meeka 2

For those who missed the fight between Tami and Meeka on season three of “Basketball Wives,” peep the clip below:


  1. That scene is something I don’t have to watch again. Tami has made such a fool of herself to the point of no return. I really hope she doesn’t do another season of Basketball Wives. It’s time for her to leave and do better in her life. Time to stop being Shaunie’s puppet.

  2. Well that’s good. These dumb a-s women better stop letting Shaunie convince them to act like damn fools on tv why she acting reserved cashing checks.

  3. Shaunie’s power must be waning off. Tami is finally seeing the light. I think this will be her last season. Bout time!

  4. Tami is waking up…good for her. Now let’s see if she can go the whole season without fighting. I’m not watching but I’m sure we’ll hear about it if it goes go down.

  5. Noooo Tami is a grown a– woman and regardless of Shaunie’s stank a– pulling the strings Tami is responsible for her own actions so she does not get a pass the only reason she’s apologizing is because the rating are not good this season. All this time and now she’s apologizing. Tami is a DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT!!!!!

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