Keyshia Cole Blocks Fan on Twitter After They Tell Her She Has a Good Husband

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole has reportedly been having some issues in her marriage with NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson for months if the blogs have been accurate. Signs of marital issues were cryptic tweets and Instagram posts, but their troubled marriage was confirmed after Daniel took to his Twitter account to reveal that they were indeed having issues. Although some blogs reported that the issue stems from the fact that the basketball player allegedly cheated on his wife with other women, Daniel denied the accusations and said he has never been unfaithful to the beautiful singer.

When the media began to focus on Keyshia’s troubled marriage, she made the conscious choice to start keeping her marriage issues to herself, in which her fans agreed in large numbers. However, Keyshia did share with her fans the lavish gifts her hubby got her for her birthday the other day; and considering he gave her a diamond bracelet, a cute pig and a trip to the Bahamas via a private jet, we think it’s safe to say that Daniel isn’t giving up on getting back in his wife’s good graces anytime soon. But that doesn’t quite mean that Keyshia is fully ready to patch things up just yet. And judging by a recent tweet, she’s still not quite on board just yet, despite the glamorous birthday presidents.

In fact, a fan recently tweeted Keyshia about her hubby and when she told the singer she had a great husband and she needed to treat him well, Keyshia decided to block her (read tweets from top to bottom):

keyshia cole fan twitter
keyshia cole twitter


Keyshia’s fans wasted no time in dragging the young lady for annoying their fave, but the fan claims she meant nothing malicious by her tweets (read from bottom to top):

keyshia cole fan twitter 2


  1. People need to mind their business. Just because Daniel acts nice on TV doesn’t mean he’s a good dude when the cameras aren’t rolling. Smh.

    1. This is so true. People can be very different behind closed doors. Just got to let them sort it out for themselves.

  2. I think the fan was out of line. No one knows what happened to cause problems in Keyshia’s marriage. People want to blame her because she has a strong personality and that’s a stupid thing to do. And just because he was nice on the reality show means nothing. He bought her gifts that just scream guilt, so I say don’t put all the blame on Keyshia.

  3. How about none of you know anything?! Just because it’s a tweet doesn’t mean it’s true. Nobody knows what takes place in that household but the two of them. So technically, all of you have it twisted.

    1. THANK YOU, most who responded to this post were making generalization as this young lady did on twitter. People wouldn’t need to comment on their marriage if they didn’t put their business out there! The girl didn’t even say anything disrespectful. I have heard worst on blogs about their marriage. She wen’t out of her way tp respond to a comment tho! Anyway life goes on!

      1. I’m sorry, no one has a right to tweet someone else about their marriage. Social media has people seriously confused.

  4. Poor child, she believes everything she see’s on Tv. Then again, fi they only show Keisha having attitudes and her husband being nice etc, what do you think some people would believe. Not to mention all of Keisha’s old post talking about what he did/ does for her etc… Leave that poor girl alone lol, she just naïve

  5. The girl is stupid and needs to mind her business. You don’t tweet someone about THEIR marriage. That’s rude and uncalled for. Keyshia was right to block her. No matter what Keyshia may have said in the past on Twitter, it wasn’t that girl’s place to tweet her like she has the inside scoop on their marriage. I agree with most of the people on here that she needs to have a seat.

  6. I see nothing wrong with people having opinions on the blogs, but to tweet Keyshia like you have the inside scoop and just know who’s to blame in her marriage is beyond psycho. And if you read that girl’s tweets, that’s what she does all day. She’s a stalker and needs to get a life.

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