Juicy J Gives Florida Woman $50,000 Scholarship for Not Twerking

Photo Credit: Worldstar Hip Hop/YouTube
Photo Credit: Worldstar Hip Hop/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Juicy J made headlines recently when he confirmed via his Twitter account that he was giving away a $50,000 college scholarship to the best “twerker.” To be expected, he caught a lot of flak for encouraging women to dance seductively to get money for a college education, but apparently he’s pulled an unexpected move and awarded the money to the one woman who did not twerk.

According to multiple reports, Juicy stated in the rules that women did not have to twerk to apply for the scholarship and he would give away the money to the woman he felt needed it the most.

And one Florida woman caught that small detail of the rules and she decided not to drop it like it’s hot for a scholarship. 19-year-old State College of Florida student Zaire Holmes outsmarted the rest of the competition and impressed the rapper the most.

Billboard reports:

Holmes, a full-time mother in addition to being a student at the Florida college, revealed in her video submission for the scholarship, posted Sept. 22 of last year, that she’s going to school to be a doctor. She said her career path will require her to be in school for 11 years, and that regular financial aid would not cover her expenses.

In the surprise clip, the rapper and Holmes talk about how she didn’t have to twerk to win the scholarship, unlike some of her contemporaries. “Read the rules,” Juicy J said. “See, that’s what you get for shaking your a*s… it’s not always about shaking your a*s.”


We love it.

Check out the video below:


  1. I’m honestly just happy to see a rapper giving back and encouraging people to go to college. I was skeptical at first because I thought he was going to reward a woman for showing off her butt cheeks, but he did something honorable. Much respect.

  2. Well she was the only one who was smart enough to read the instructions, so she’s the only one who deserved the money.

  3. i knew it was a twist to this, LMFAO, i said in the beginning that he’s gonna give to someone for not twerking

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