LeToya Luckett Says She & Beyonce Didn’t Shade Kelly Rowland in Throwback Destiny’s Child Video

Photo Credit: MTV News
Photo Credit: MTV News

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago a very old video of Destiny’s Child in their earlier days went viral on social media. In the video, it appeared that Kelly Rowland caught some major shade from Beyonce, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson after she called herself the second lead singer.

We honestly thought the video was nothing major, but some of Beyonce’s critics took it as proof that the singer is some sort of mean girl who picked on the other members of the group.

But Letoya Luckett says people are reaching and Kelly only spoke the truth anyway so she can’t understand why they would need to shade her.

She tells MTV News:

“Everybody is like, ‘Shade for Beyoncé’s cough,’ What if the girl had to cough? [What Kelly said] was the truth, we really would sit there and everybody knew their role. It was a real team, like, we were team players. B was first lead; Kelly was second lead; I was soprano; Tavia was the alto and she was the spokesperson. Everybody knew their lane so no one ever stepped in anyone else’s lane. That’s how every team should work.”


Although LeToya denies they were being shady to Kelly, she does admit she can understand why some found that throwback video hilarious:

“Our faces were hilarious, I did something crazy with my eyes, and now I’m like, ‘Why did I do that? That’s so mean. But I don’t think it was shade, because what she said was so true, and we all knew that.”


Check out the video below:


  1. I still don’t understand why people made such a big deal out of this. But anyways I’m not feeling Letoya’s new hairstyle .

    1. Now girl you know they made a big deal out of it because it was Beyonce. Bey is such a big deal that even her haters keep her on top. LMBO.

      1. Yea you are right all the haters could do is dig up some old stuff because they have nothing to legitimate to hate on.

  2. A big fuss for absolutely nothing. They were all so young back then so who cares besides Beyonce’s thirsty haters anyway?

  3. It did kind of look like everyone shaded Kelly but they were young and immature back then. I don’t see why this old video is still being talked about in 2014. People are so fascinated with Beyonce and it’s always the main ones that swear they don’t like her. #shrugs

  4. When I first watched it I had two opinions about it, but when I thought about how old they were when that was videoed it left me with one opinion. I thought they just felt like she didn’t really have to say that because everybody knew(When you play your role it show, right?). I can see why they some may have thought it was shade, but I look at it like, people didn’t do all that shade throwing back then. People did take it to the extreme, but that’s this world for you…

  5. They were young! I don’t know why this blew up the way it did. The mere fact that everyone is on good terms today (Kelly, Bey, LaTavia,LeToya) is proof that things weren’t as scandalous as Beyonce’s haters swear it was. It’s time for people to move on. Destiny’s Child has been over for years. Let it go.

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