LeToya Luckett Confirms Impending Divorce + Tommi Walker Claps Back at Her Loved Ones

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LeToya Luckett and Tommi Walker hit a rough patch in their marriage.

Friends & Family Hustle” stars LeToya Luckett and Tommi Walker went through a lot on the recent season. Tommi was still trying to process his mother’s death. While he and LeToya grieved together, there were times he would lash out. And LeToya was beginning to struggle with learning how they could work through the difficult time.

On one episode, they had some issues at a counseling session. And Tommi was so heated that he didn’t tell LeToya that he was flying out to Dallas. He claimed that he was going there to spend time with his daughter. But LeToya felt it was disrespectful for him to not tell her he was traveling until the very last minute.

By the end of the season, counseling appeared to be working. The couple even revealed that LeToya was pregnant.

However, during her pregnancy, a woman accused Tommi of sleeping with her. And she was threatening to sell alleged videos of her and Tommi in a hotel room.

The couple is headed for a divorce.

After the accusations went viral, Tommi hopped on social media and said that his family was being attacked by the devil. He asked his followers to pray that LeToya wouldn’t have any pregnancy complications from stress. But after LeToya gave birth, a lot of fans of the show began to speculate that the couple may have separated.

Interestingly enough, both have confirmed that they are ending the marriage. And Tommi had one last thing to say about those cheating rumors.

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