Keyshia Cole Goes After Daniel Gibson’s Mistress?

Photo Credit: Geffen/Facebook
Photo Credit: Geffen/Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole told her fans months ago that she was done airing her personal business out on social media, but it appears the R&B singer might have had a change of heart.

Just weeks after it was rumored that Keyshia quietly filed for divorce from Daniel Gibson, last night she subliminally took shots at Daniel and his alleged mistress on her Twitter account.

In the tweets, Keyshia seemingly appears to be waving the white flag regarding her marriage and she seemingly tells his alleged mistress (a stripper by the name of H-Town Ciara) she can have Daniel (read tweets from bottom to top):

keyshia cole twitter

Keyshia’s fans also dragged the stripper on Twitter too (read tweets from top to bottom):

keyshia cole fans twitter

Interestingly enough, Daniel’s alleged mistress H-Town Ciara wasn’t moved at all by Keyshia’s tweets:

htown ciara twitter


  1. If she’s done with Boobie, she needs to be done. No more subliminal tweets. No more responding to his side chicks. Be done! He obviously wasn’t that good of a husband.

  2. Messy. Messy. MESSY!!! smh. I’m glad foundations are laid at home (when done right)… Because if I had to go based on what I see these days with regard to marriage, love, and relationships? I’d have zero hope. But, hopefully she’s really moving on. There’s the saying that goes “I’ll fight for you, but I’ll never fight over you.” Hopefully she takes heed and lets this girl have him. It’s not worth it.

  3. It’s so sad to see how these two ended up. But Keyshia has to just do like her song says and let it go. He’s not worth this. Not at all.

  4. I know she’s hurting but Twitter is not the place to air out your dysfunctional marriage. It’s no one else’s business.

  5. Wait a minute. How is this stripper aka ghetto side chick going to call Keyshia the struggle when she’s the one who has to sleep with married men because she can’t get a man of her own? Heffa that’s the real struggle.

  6. I want Keyshia to stop giving Boobie and his hoes so much attention. She should take that pain and make another great album. Success is the best revenge. Boobie is too immature for marriage and she needs to let him do him and be the whore he wants to be. Just sign those divorce papers and keep it moving.

  7. Well damn. That stripper has no shame. Does anyone have morals anymore? I just couldn’t mess with a married man. When did our society become so heartless?

  8. Why can’t Daniel keep his side chicks in check? They are always tweeting Keyshia and acting reckless. She should have divorced him a long time ago. He was never faithful.

  9. Meanwhile Daniel sits back and does nothing. He’s not a real man. He’s a boy in a man’s body. Was he even raised by his father? Probably not acting like a little boy.

  10. So not only is he spending all his money in the strip clubs but he’s also sleeping with the strippers. He had no business ever getting married. Oh well. You live and you learn. Maybe Keyshia will really move on and use this to make some great music.

  11. Child I’ve been done with Boobie ever since he tried to play Keyshia on Instagram. Did y’all see his IG video where he was singing FDB to Keyshia? He’s such a loser.

  12. I really wish we would get back to the place of not putting our business out there via social media. Yes, Daniel is trifling and Keyshia should leave him, but seriously Twitter is not the place to vent her frustrations.

  13. After Viewing Their Reality Show{Which Happens To Be The Foolproof Way To Send Your Marriage Straight To Hell}.I Knew This Marriage Was Not Going To Last,You Cannot Put Your Marriage On Full Blast For Ratings..SMH! They Both Showed Immaturity In This Marriage,At Least When They Were On Tv..Its Sad Though,I Really Wished They Could Have Made It Work.We All Have To Keep In Mind There Is Always Two Sides To A Story,And We All Know From Experience,That The New Woman Will Throw Shade At You,Just Like You Going To Throw Shade At Her..IJS

  14. Keyshia Has Alot Going On In Her World Right Now..She Has Bigger Issues To Deal With,And Putting Boobies Stripper Chick On Blast Should Not Be One Of Them..IRS is On Her Back,Getting Thru This Messy Divorce,Raising Her Son,Possibly Alone,Getting Her Career Back On Track,{You All Have To Agree Her Career Is Not Where It Used To Be And Hopefully Clearing Things Up With Her Family…Whew! Im Outta Breath Just Saying All That..Stay Prayed Up Keyshia…God Got It..

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