Keyshia Cole’s Husband Daniel Gibson Denies Having Affair with Adult Dancer?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole’s marriage has been in shambles for a good minute now, but the R&B singer vowed she would keep all of her marriage drama off of social media. Interestingly enough, she has done the exact opposite and recently she even got into with a stripper from Houston who her hubby Daniel Gibson has allegedly been having an affair with.

Although the dancer made it clear that she’s not worried about Keyshia’s Twitter shade, one of her friends came for Keyshia recently and claimed nothing was even happening with the dancer and Daniel.

Daniel hasn’t said much during all the drama but he did take to Twitter recently to seemingly deny the affair.

He tweeted the following:

daniel gibson twitter


  1. Evein if he didn’t sleep with that ratchet stripper (side eye), he was spending thousands at the strip club when he should be focused on saving his marriage and his basketball career. He’s immature as hell and really needs to grow up.

    1. I agree. Maybe he didn’t cheat with her, but he was just as wrong being in those strip clubs and spending all that money when he hasn’t dealt with “home.”

    2. Cosign! I know Keyshia was heated too because he hasn’t done a damn thing about his declining career but he’s making it rain at the strip clubs. Boy bye!

  2. Instead of tweeting all these little subliminal tweets, he needs to man up and either end the marriage or step up. He acts like a child. I’m not saying Keyshia is much better but damn.

  3. So then what about all those other jumpoffs he had? Is he going to deny them too? They ran Keyshia off Twitter a couple of times. He’s been messy and she’s stuck around and tried to make it work. She needs to move on this time and let his childish a-s be.

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