Cynthia Bailey Calls out NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes may currently have her hands full with her beef with former friend Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore, but it now appears she may even have some issues to handle when it comes to Cynthia Bailey too.

In fact, Cynthia feels some kind of way about NeNe calling her husband Peter Thomas a “b*tch” for getting so involved with the drama taking place between the ladies of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

So Cynthia decided to address the situation in her Bravo blog and she called NeNe out about the harsh words she had for Peter. She writes:

I was a little upset with Peter the next morning (after Kenya’s event) for confronting NeNe (although she actually confronted him), because I did not think it was the right time to talk. The night had already taken a turn for the worst, and I didn’t see the point in trying to fix something that was already broken. Had NeNe not gotten out of her car, walked over to Peter, and initiated the conversation with Peter, there would not have been a reason for him to be in her face acting like a b*tch, right? It was pretty clear that his conversation was directed to me. So I don’t know who the monster was that was waiting at the top of the hill, because the only thing that Peter was waiting for was his car to leave.

I am beyond offended and embarrassed that one of my closest and most loyal friends called my husband a b*tch for speaking the truth. Not only is it blatant disrespect, it’s also dirty. It crosses the line, and hits way below the belt. A little surprising coming from someone who prides themselves on being such a GOOD FRIEND and the authority on who is not one.



Despite not being happy with NeNe’s choice of words for Peter, Cynthia still gave NeNe props for putting her anger with Peter to the side to attend his birthday party:

Moving on! I was so happy when NeNe and Gregg showed up at Peter’s party! The fact that my girl was able to take the high road and come to the party was validation that we indeed had a solid friendship and would always be able to work through our differences no matter how big or small. That’s what real friends do! FYI: Obviously I was not in her kitchen earlier that morning to hear her call Peter a b*tch. However, I thought it was big of her to come to his party despite her feelings at breakfast. Not to mention that she was even kind enough to leave NaeNae in the car! Long story short, it was a great party and I think everyone had a good time. The ladies had a chance to catch up and chit chat. The guys played pool and drank Jamaican beer. Kenya apologized to NeNe again. Peter and I kissed (amongst other things later on that night) and made up! Still kicking myself for not singing the Marilyn Monroe version of Happy Birthday for Peter at the party! LOL! It was kind of nice to not have any real drama for a change.


  1. Oh Cynthia have a seat. Your man acts like he is the housewife. He is in the middle of more drama than Kenya is this season, and that’s a damn shame.

  2. Cynthia is really annoying me. She has been behind most of the mess so far this season, but NeNe can’t state the obvious about Peter?

  3. If Peter wasn’t so involved in everything, I would totally ride with Cynthia on this. But didn’t we just read about him calling out Porsha the other day for a marriage that wasn’t his?

  4. You know Kenya and Cynthia talk a lot of big talk on the internet but they don’t say these things in NeNe’s face. #ByeFelicia

  5. It’s pretty telling that Cynthia didn’t stand up to NeNe until she became the season’s scapegoat. Now that NeNe is getting the blame for everything this season, now Cynthia has a problem. Girl whatever.

    1. That’s exactly what I said. Cynthia’s timing is very shady to me. But I doubt NeNe and Cynthia will fall out over this. They will be back good by next season I’m sure.

  6. Both r in everything but coffins… Cynthia always trying to resolve spats between the ladies…a lot cause by her diarrhea of the mouth…& he..just trys to stay relavent…..shhhh!

  7. I agree with you Cynthia. People act like they didn’t see Ne Ne walk up to Peter. In Ne Ne eyes no one can have an opinion but her. If they do it’s a problem. Ne Ne was very disrespectful for calling Peter out his name. I hope you open up your eyes and see Ne Ne is nobody friend. She looks down to you guys and expect you guys to kiss her butt. Her friends can not have other friends or even tell how they feel. I’m glad Marlo stood up to her. I never new being the better person and walking away involved throwing a water bottle and curing someone out. Only in her dans eyes. Lol! Ne Ne is still the same messy and drama full person she has always been. In her words. You can give a pig money, but your still a pig. Ne Ne need to really grow up.

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