Tamar Braxton Fires Someone on Instagram

Photo Credit: Grammys
Photo Credit: Grammys

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tamar Braxton has found a new use for Instagram. Just months after she called out photographers for ruining her music video for her “Hot Sugar” track, Tamar is once again taking to the social media platform to air out her grievances with some of the people on her own team.

But this time she actually fired someone on Instagram.

She posted the following photo and writes in the caption:

tamar braxton instagram

#dontbitethehandthatfeedsyou #thistweetisaboutyou #iwokeuplikedis



While we’re unsure of who Tamar just handed the pink slip to, it’s clear the R&B singer and reality star has gotten comfortable with making staff changes on social media.


  1. Very classless and unprofessional but I expect this from Tamar. To think she thinks she is above other artist cough *kmichelle* but she is in the same lane as far as I’m concerned. Money doesn’t buy class Tamar.

  2. So what if the person didn’t catch this Instagram post? They wouldn’t even know they were out of a job. And that’s why this should have happened with a phone call. To do it this way makes me think she just wanted attention.

  3. Why does Tamar keep doing this kind of stuff? If she really was about her business she would fire people on the phone like a real boss. This right here is childish and wack.

  4. I said it once before that Tamar thinks she is on a superstar and she is not. There have been a lot of singers who have had one song that did good and then you never hear from them again. If Tamar was not married to Vince she would be just one of thoes other singers. Tamar had 2 other albums before Love And War did you know her then? Tamar grow u and be a wife and a mother to your son. Last thing you want is people to know you as a one hit wonder.

  5. Ima need Tamar to grow her OLD AZZ up and act her age (38)!! SHe running round here acting like she in her 20’s and is new to all this… #StopIt.com #BeProfessional

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