Listen: Keyshia Cole Drops ‘Rick James’, Talks Beyonce & Boobie Gibson

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For months there has been plenty of speculation surrounding R&B singer Keyshia Cole’s troubled marriage to Daniel Gibson. Although both have been hinting at their marriage issues on social media multiple times, a divorce still hasn’t happened. But Keyshia is singing about their marital issues in her new music, and it’s clear recording during the hard times is bittersweet.

Just months after dropping a remix to Chris Brown’s hit “Loyal,” the R&B singer is back with a new track entitled “Rick James.”

keyshia cole rick james

On the new track, Keyshia delivers plenty of sass and cockily sings:

“Why does it matter now? / Who can do you better? / Feet up on your couch / Yeah, b*tch, I’m Rick James / Slap a b*tch like Rick James”



Check out the track below:



In related news, Keyshia stopped by to chat it up with The Breakfast Club crew and she dished on her “beef” with Beyonce and her marriage to Daniel Boobie Gibson.

When it comes to the “Bow Down” controversy, Keyshia says she loves Beyonce but she didn’t like the song for her:

“I was not hating on Beyonce. No, it was not directed at all as hate….Yeah, I love Beyonce…Well the thing is, I’ve seen Beyonce a few times…She’s always a very sweet girl. To me, that just wasn’t her, you know what I mean, her thing. But I don’t know. Like dude said, she switched it up. So, I don’t know. But that’s just not what I know of her so it kinda hurt my feelings a little bit.”



She also explained her fallout with Michelle Williams too:

“Well she stared that…She started that and it really hurt my feelings too…. ‘cuz she’s Christian and she’s a church girl and all of this but yet we talk on the phone and you say you apologize for taking a tweet down that you said about me in the first place. You know what I’m saying? And I just felt like everybody just jumped on me ‘cuz I’m from Oakland, I’m the ghetto chick and I’m always starting everything in actuality I just say how I feel. You know what I’m saying and I don’t feel like I was starting nothing. But I was just getting her back for what she said to me.”



When asked if she’s going to get a divorce, Keyshia says:

“I just, you know what I mean, I just wanna put my music out. And just you know, sit in my own craziness. You know what I’m saying? And just chill out for a minute. Like I don’t really know what I wanna do right now. I don’t want to talk about it…I don’t really want go into it.

“We co-parent. He’s a great father though.”



She then says her marriage to Daniel has pretty much tarnished her belief that NBA players can be faithful to their wives:

“I really did. I believed in that. And on top of that, we just had so much of a great relationship. I felt like, I felt like it wouldn’t be possible.”



Check out the interview below:


  1. A hit dog will holler! If Beyonce’s song hurt her feelings, then she has to ask herself WHY! Because Bey made that song for the haters!

  2. Beyonce wasn’t thinking about Keyshia when she made that song. So Keyshia needs to admit Beyonce’s success has her feeling insecure out here. And if she’s that bothered by it, she needs to work hard to start selling more albums. This Rick James song isn’t a good start, neither is her Twitter antics.

  3. I applaud Keyshia Cole for always being candid and being her authentic self. This song has a K. Michelle vibe to it and I don’t think it suits her. I will be buying her album though..she always makes quality R&B

  4. “Well the thing is, I’ve seen Beyonce a few times…She’s always a very sweet girl. To me, that just wasn’t her, you know what I mean, her thing. ” <<<< So Bey can't be human and get angry sometimes? That's interesting because in the same breath Keyshia defends her own right to show emotion and be flawed. Hypocrite much?

  5. I can’t believe she’s still talking about what happened with Michelle and Beyonce. That’s old. Let it go and make some good music again.

  6. Beyonce doesn’t care Keyshia. So start spending your interviews talking about your own music and remember to actually promote yourself next time. Bey’s good with an album that’s already double platinum. Thanks.

  7. How did Bow Down hurt her feelings? Beyonce wasn’t even thinking about her. Good grief Keyshia get it together girl.

  8. I guess Keyshia trying to play makeup now after her last album flop like a pancake in the griddle dissing Beyoncé song just a few days before her album was set to drop. Just like her last album this will flop too. my guess if lucky she’ll sell 500,000 copies max and may get around 60k first week sales.

  9. My advice to Keyshia would be stop talking about Beyonce, focus on your music and stop taking shots at Daniel on Twitter. You’re welcome.

  10. That song sounds like a song that didn’t make it on K. Michelle’s album. Keyshia is a way better songwriter than this.

  11. I think every artist has a right to try something different and express themselves as they see fit. With that being said, Keyshia can’t sit there and say Beyonce has “changed” and she didn’t like the change, but then she feels it’s ok to put out ratchet songs like this and put her marriage problems on Twitter. Everyone deserves to do what they want and express themselves however they please.

  12. LOL but why did Keyshia take the song so personally? Beyonce never had any issues with her, so it’s just kind of weird to me.

  13. I get Keyshia and I know she loves to speak her truth. But she has to stop letting any and everything make her upset. No one can make you feel inferior unless you allow them to. She should have heard Bow Down and started singing it to her own haters. Not be offended by it. That’s why Beyonce made the song. It’s a cocky song you sing when your haters try to tear you down. Only someone with hater instincts would find the song offensive.

  14. People kills me like dang she didn’t go into the interview to talk about Bey or Michelle or Daniel for that matter . The people interviewing her asked about it and she just responded damn. I feel where Keyshia coming from about not liking Bow Down. I was a little upset too when I first heard it. I was like no this can’t be Bey referring to women as b-ches. I said no I don’t like it I thought she was much more classy than that but at the same time I was like I see way she coming from with this so I listen to it. So I don’t see where Keyshia is so called ‘hating’. She just didn’t expect Bey to use that term because of this ‘classy’ image Bey put up for people. & Keyshia albums maybe flops but they flop because people don’t know what good music is anymore. *shrug*

  15. Yawn at that song and that interview. It’s really simple. If you talk about Beyonce in your interviews, your career stalls. You have to separate yourself from Bey. Rihanna learned that quickly and put a stop to it so she could start getting her own shine. When she first came out, they asked her about Bey all the time. All any artist has to do is tell their PR rep that they aren’t answering any questions about Beyonce, and most reporters will respect it because they want the interview. Keyshia wants to talk about Bey because she can’t get attention any other way anymore. Keyshia has gone from being Keyshia Cole to the singer who doesn’t like Beyonce (like Keri Hilson). That is all people care about now. She only got an invite to the Breakfast Club to talk about Beyonce. No one cares about her music anymore, and this song she just released is garbage. I hate to say it, but she’s over. She’s also not smart enough to start separating herself from the Beyonce thing and it’s been months now. She’s just not cut out for the business. That hood stuff may be good for a little while and “real” to some who don’t have a passport, but it’s not going to get people to run out and buy your album. Like I said, Rihanna is my fave, but Bey’s last album was awesome. I didn’t think she had it in her. I didn’t bang with her until her new album. I thought she was fake. I prefer this flawed and transparent Beyonce. Sometimes change is good. And Keyshia hasn’t made good music since her second album. Sorry, she’s now just an angry bird who got her feelings hurt by a song that wasn’t even meant for her. Bey wins I guess because the song just points out who is insecure and who isn’t. But Keyshia can pull an Ashanti and go independent and make some money from her little shoe collection. #shrugs

  16. And she’s still talking about Beyonce and Michelle. How many times is she going to explain herself? Damn. Anyway, the song is not the business. But Keyshia hasn’t been on point in a good minute.

  17. So that song is terrible. Anyway, Keyshia needs to toughen up if Bow Down “hurt her feelings.” She’s been through a lot worse in life, so I find that hard to believe. Anyway, she’s done worse to other women than Beyonce calling women b-tches in a freaking song. So far, Keyshia has had beef with several other R&B singers. I remember when she tried to come for Fantasia out of all people and Fanny had to shut her down. And let’s not even talk about how bad she treated K. Michelle before K was on TV. Keyshia is the last person to call anyone out about female empowerment and sisterhood. LOL.

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