Eva Marcille Gets a Restraining Order on Baby Daddy Kevin McCall

Photo Credit: Eva Marcille/Instagram
Photo Credit: Eva Marcille/Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Eva Marcille and her boyfriend Kevin McCall just welcomed a baby girl to the world several weeks ago, but it appears that the couple may have hit a really rocky patch.

According to reports, Eva is accusing her man of getting violent during an argument recently and she even got a restraining order against him too. TMZ reports:

Eva obtained a restraining order against rapper BF Kevin McCall on March 28th, claiming he went ballistic during an argument and chased her around their home, trying to take their 2-month-old daughter.

Eva claims Kevin kicked down 4 doors during his rampage and even threatened to punch her.




Interestingly enough, we’re thinking Eva had a change of heart not too long after she was granted the restraining order because days later she posted happy photos of Kevin, herself and the baby to Instagram like everything was all good again:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 9.22.22 AM



She even wrote “#familyfirst” on the caption, so we’re just going to assume the couple has decided to work through their “issues.”


  1. She’s a cute little girl. Anyway, I’m just going to stop saying the obvious about the situations. These women have to want better for themselves and their children. If they don’t, then that is something they will have to live with.

  2. So Kevin McCall, Chris Brown and Tyga are all very good friends. Anyone else seeing a pattern here? *sips tea*

  3. Wow I thought Eva was smarter than this. She always seemed like the type of woman who wouldn’t take any mess from a man. I guess I was wrong. Pity.

  4. What the hell? The man just showed her he’s violent and it’s not a safe relationship to be in. Get out girl!

  5. First The Game and now this? What is going on? People need to keep their hands to themselves and stop developing these unhealthy relationships.

  6. So by her actions to just forget about what he did, she’s basically showing him that his violent behavior will be accepted. Good luck with that Eva.

  7. And here she is cheesing and faking the funk on Instagram when she needs to pack her things and get out. Sad.

  8. Now that the baby’s here, he probably doesn’t want to man up and be responsible. I know it well. SMDH. We’ve gotta be more discerning about who we laying down having kids with these days. Not everyone is mature enough to handle such responsibility when the time comes.

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