Brandi Maxiell & Malaysia Pargo Call out Sundy Carter for Insensitive Baby Comments

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is a Brandi Maxiell fight involving Sundy Carter on the way in an upcoming episode? One would think Draya’s absence from “Basketball Wives LA” would mean less drama on the show, but apparently that is not the case.

All of the ladies except Draya took a trip to Paris to accommodate Jackie Christie as she works on her own line of Cognac, but of course things take a left when all of them come together to have dinner.

Brandi and Jackie got into it after Brandi told Jackie that she changes for the worst when she gets around Sundy Carter, and by the end of the episode Malaysia told Jackie that she is nothing more than an instigator and she will ultimately betray Sundy and Brittish Carter when the opportunity presents itself, kind of like she did Draya and Malaysia.

But in a preview for the upcoming episode, Brandi and Sundy nearly come to blows after Sundy tells Brandi to shut up and go have a baby. As you may already know, Brandi was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer a few years ago, so she’s having a hard time getting pregnant.

After Sundy made the harsh comment, Brandi snapped and began chasing her down to possibly do as Draya did a few episodes ago and give Sundy another black eye.

On the issue, Brandi tweets (read from bottom to top):

brandi maxiell twitter

And of course Malaysia had a few words for Sundy too:

malaysia pargo twitter


  1. I don’t even know why they entertain Sundy. She’s a miserable old hag who can’t even be a decent human being to her own daughter. I can now see why her and Jackie get along so well. They are just alike.

  2. Yeah Sundy was really evil to say what she did. But she’s the type of person that will say whatever it takes to hurt someone. That is why Draya punched her in the eye. Her mouth is a problem.

  3. You would think Sundy would have learned her lesson after Draya’s bird a-s gave her a black eye. But I see she still hasn’t learned. Someone should hulk smash her next time. I can’t stand her. She is one cold hearted bish who will say anything to get under a person’s skin. She will even talk about your kids.

  4. Before the season is over, Sundy will have had two black eyes and a busted lip. Damn when will she learn?

  5. I really would love the opportunity to demolish both Jackie and Sundy and beat the dog sh*t outta both of them Jealous insecure b!tches. I can’t stand them. They’ll do anything for more camera time. British can be just as dumb sometimes. It’s sooooo obvious that them three are seriously jealous of Malaysia, Draya, and Brandi who are more fashionable and have more class #TeamDMB.

  6. Brandi started this calling Sundy, out of her name. Like old saying go dont bring knife to a gun fight. . And Sundy’s mouth was a ak40 and Brandi just bought a 45. That what people do when they agrue you want hurt that person, there no guidelines in verbal confrontation

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