‘Bold & Bougie’ Stars Malaysia Pargo & Crystal Smith Clash After Malaysia’s Friend Offends

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

Crystal Smith isn’t having an easy time getting to know Monyetta Shaw’s friends on “Bold & Bougie.”

Malaysia Pargo left “Basketball Wives” after her fallout with Brandi Maxiell and Jennifer Williams alleged she lost her Atlanta home via foreclosure. Brandi said her friendship with Malaysia fell apart because Malaysia wasn’t there for her. She also alleged that Malaysia didn’t reach out to her when her father passed away. However, Malaysia said she didn’t know Brandi’s father died. Regardless, Brandi didn’t believe this. Brandi said that she and Malaysia have mutual friends, so there is no way that Malaysia didn’t know. Malaysia washed her hands of Brandi. Regarding Malaysia’s feud with Jennifer, Jennifer suspects Malaysia brought Zell Swag around to do her dirty work.

Jennifer and Malaysia have an ugly history. This includes Malaysia throwing a chair at Jennifer.

Well, Jennifer wasn’t the only person who thought Zell was coming around to get even with Malaysia’s foes.  Brandi, Brittish Williams, and Brooke Bailey had the same theory. So when Jackie Christie insisted Malaysia left to prioritize her mental health, most of the others weren’t buying this.

It hasn’t been hard for Malaysia to move on to “Bold & Bougie.” It is a new reality show on WE tv. Carlos King said he built the cast around Malaysia. Malaysia is already having tension with Crystal Smith since she shares an ex (Ne-Yo) with Malaysia’s friend, Monyetta Shaw-Carter.

Crystal Smith and Malaysia Pargo clash.

During the most recent episode, Malaysia’s friend Dr. Princess told Crystal she thought she was “loose.” This rubbed Crystal the wrong way and she dismissed herself before things reached the point of no return.

Crystal will confront Malaysia about the exchange on the next episode. She’s taken aback when Malaysia says she seemed like the agitator.

Malaysia says, “I feel like you came in there hot.” She adds, “Yeah, I feel like you came in with this energy towards her and I was confused. That’s why I was like what the ****?”

Crystal says she was the one who was offended that night, “It was an underlying, disrespectful tone and that’s how it was.”

Malaysia continues to defend Dr. Princess, “I’m sorry that you feel disrespected by my friend. But I don’t think she was meaning to be disrespectful. Let’s get it.”

Crystal stands firm, too.

“Well, I can’t wait for the playback because that’s not what happened.”

She goes on to say the solution is for Malaysia to leave this friend at home next time.

“I would hope that anything that I invite you to next time I’m just asking that you don’t bring her.”

And Malaysia is done.

“Then you don’t have to invite me anywhere else.”


    1. That’s the truth and damn oh girl has bleached the hell out of her skin.
      She’s three shades lighter, I wonder do her children know her. She’s forever
      playing the nice nasty victim.

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