Is Mimi Faust on That Powder?

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mimi Faust shocked many with her new raunchy video with her current boo thang Nikko, but a lot of you have expressed that you think her rapid change in behavior may be due to substance abuse.

Apparently you’re not alone.

Illseed of All Hp Hop is claiming that he was tipped by a source close to the production staff of LHHATL and those in the know are saying that Mimi is allegedly on coke and Mona Scott Young is furious about it.

Illseed writes:

Sheesh! You do a porno with a shower curtain and you get all this newfound attention. I guess “sex tapes” are not played out after all. I thought they were corny and the door closed once KK came through as a star. But, never FRET, Mimi is here but how…? I am hearing from a couple sources that Mimi is actually and factually on that White Girl. I mean, these people INSISTED that she’s on that White! I personally have no prior knowledge of that, but I’m just saying.

This rumor could explain her odd, erratic behavior as of late. I dunno.




Interestingly enough, some folks are spilling tea on Mimi on Twitter too. In particular, these tweets caught our interest (read from bottom to top):

mimi put on blast




Then of course we heard some rumors from some folks who saw Mimi over the weekend at the PoplifeATL day party. And we were told that she was acting so erratic that some folks were thinking she was high.

And Stevie J did call out one of his baby mamas about using drugs on Twitter and some folks thought he was talking about Mimi at the time.

Now we cannot confirm any of this because only Mimi knows for sure what she does in her private time, but the whispers are definitely getting louder. Regardless, this is purely gossip for now.


  1. And it begins. I told y’all people were about to start snitching on Mimi and her drug habits. I’m here for it. *sits*

  2. You know I really wouldn’t be surprised if she really is on drugs. Something about her demeanor has really changed and she seems like a former shell of her old self. The sad thing is we already saw that picture that pretty much confirmed that Stevie is on coke too. I feel bad for their daughter. Neither one of her parents seem to have it together.

  3. I definitely don’t put this past her. Mimi is the desperate type who makes bad decisions. Her doing drugs ain’t a stretch.

  4. I can believe it. I still find it hard to believe that anybody in their right mind would get whored out for notoriety that will only last a few weeks.

  5. I’m just going to pray for Mimi. Something is clearly going on in her life and Nikko is only making things worse. I don’t think he even cares about her. He’s just dealing with her so he can get 15 minutes of fame too. He will bring her down and she will happily let him just to say she has a man. Sad.

  6. I believe it. At first I didn’t want to because part of me remembers the Mimi from season one, but she ain’t the same person she was. She’s different. No morals, desperate and you can look in her eyes and see something has changed. I hope she gets it together for the sake of Eva.

  7. My friend went to that day part and said Mimi looked like she was on coke. But it’s sad. Fame can really hurt a person.

  8. Ain’t Stevie on it too? I mean this ain’t uncommon. I think it’s taboo in the black community to discuss this but if you go to a lot of industry parties, you will see a lot of celebs doing lines of coke. It’s like the drug of status or something. If she’s not careful, she will end up losing her child. Her and Stevie. They need to walk away from this show and get some help. Both of them are self destructing.

  9. Like I said, she’s been acting and looking crackish to me lately. And Nikko seems like the kind of man who would encourage her to dabble in drugs if she didn’t before. She’s grown though. If she doesn’t see anything wrong with doing porn in her 40s and hanging out with Nikko, oh well.

  10. Where are her real friends? Family members? Has no one talked to her and told her the choices she’s been making aren’t good for her?

    1. All of her friends are too busy trying to be on LHHATL that they don’t care what she does as long as she is still on the show. And I don’t think she is close to her family like that.

  11. Yo something is up with her. Everybody has been talking about it. She is not the same person we remember seeing in the first season. I know fame can change a person but this chick just abandoned all her morals in like a shirt time span. That’s the behavior of a drug addict. That is why I’m shocked she called out Joseline as hard as she did just to do worse. It’s not adding up I less you factor in drugs.

  12. She’s spiraling out of control. While everyone was on twitter laughing at her making porn, they should have been worried that a woman in her 40s with a young child was doing porn with a man who has the rpeution of being a broke opportunist.

  13. I doubt Mona cares about Mimi or anyone on any of her shows. As long as they turn up when the cameras are rolling, she can care less what they do in their spare time. Anyway, I used to really like Mimi but she’s like a whole different person now. It’s sad to watch. Whether she’s on drugs or not, something is not quite right about her. She needs to do some soul searching and figure it all out.

  14. Eh, she may just be a bird. Drugs would be nice to blame that on but I think she was always a bird. She just hid it well up until now.

  15. I was talking to one of my girls about this last night. She told me she honestly believes Mimi is on some sort of strong drugs and she’s acting erratic by doing that tape with Nikko. A lot of people are starting to think this about Mimi. And she’s so proud of that tape too, which is even more odd.

  16. I saw Funky Dineva call her out for this sometime last year on Twitter because she came for him. She got as quiet as a mouse when he called her a coke head too. Hmm…

  17. This is what people are saying in the A so who knows. I doubt Mimi cares tho. She’s just happy she’s getting os much attention.

  18. Man Mimi, Joseline, Stevie, Momma Dee, Scrappy and all of them have some serious issues. We might enjoy watching them cut up on TV but all of them are screwed up. And it’s that is why it’s hard for me to rule out Mimi being on something. She dealt with Stevie for 15 years and now she’s with his clone. She is all kinds of messed up.

  19. I met her a few times. She’s a sweet person. But she has some bad people around her and she’s changing for the worst. Not everyone can handle being famous. I pray that whatever is going on, she overcomes it. I’m concerned for her.

  20. I hate to break some hearts, but Mimi has never been innocent. She’s been a groupie for many years and the tea on her drug habits goes back many years. Stevie isn’t any better. I would say they need help but they are both messed up and have been for a very long time. They don’t plan to do better. All they see is the check they get from Mona.

  21. I think this is all Nikko. She shouldn’t have choose to be with him. He has turned out. I’m pretty sure she been on drugs because the majority of celebrities do. ,but he got her on it heavy and it’s not a pretty look. If Stevie was to take her to court for their daughter, he would when.

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