August Alsina Calls out Mimi Faust

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While there’s no doubt Mimi Faust’s publicity stunt in the form of a raunchy video with Nikko may have been successful in making her the subject of mainstream media, not everyone feels the stunt was a good move in the long run.

In fact, now that it’s been reported that Mimi only made $100,000 in her deal with Vivid Entertainment, more and more people are calling her out about her choice.

R&B singer August Alsina says the whole situation makes Mimi look like a hypocrite because she stated numerous times in season one of LHHATL that her daughter comes first.

August also says the whole situation is nothing but “c**nery.”

He tells Sway Calloway:

“I don’t know nobody life so I really can’t judge, but I seen the show a couple times I guess.

“I remember her specifically being like ‘my daughter, my daughter, my daughter.’ And I respect anybody who really behind their kids. I think any decision you make in life, it reflects on you, your family and everything else. I think like it ain’t cool for your kid to see anything like that of you.

“But that’s your life. You like it, I love it.”




Check out the interview below:


  1. He’s not really someone I fancy, but I have to cosign with everything he said about Mimi. She was clearly not thinking about her daughter when she agreed to make porn.

  2. Chile Mimi thinks she’s winning right now. She won’t get it until her daughter is old enough to get picked on for Mommy’s porno tape at school.

  3. He told the truth. Mimi is such a phony with that fake cry during the LHH trailer ” I have a daughter” BS acting like she didn’t want that tape released. B-tch please you wasn’t thinking about your daughter when you were laying on your back on camera. Basically Mimi got whored out for notoriety that will only last a few weeks. I guarantee nobody will be talking about Mimi when summer hits. She will be just as forgotten as before.

  4. Mimi put getting her extra 5 minutes before her own daughter. It’s sad really but whatever. It’s done now.

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