Kevin McCall Calls out Eva Marcille

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall are officially over and now the former couple will duke it out over custody since Eva has already been granted full custody of their daughter as a result of the restraining order she was granted against Kevin.

Kevin is furious at Eva for forcing him to stay away from their daughter and he recently posted the following on his Instagram account the other day:

kevin mccall instagram

When one of his followers told him it’s time for him to look in the mirror because he’s allegedly going through a similar situation with his other baby mama, he responded with the following before deleting it:

Time for a vesectomy [sic] lol. I never hit a woman never will I have sisters and cousin and aunts if it’s ever that serious… the story of the boy who cried wolf…’s a lot more accurate than tmz *kmacshrug…..#lies #moneyhungryhoesaintloyal


  1. Ok. I want to really visit Chris Brown in jail and curse him out for making that damn Loyal song. Make it stop!

    1. Lol me too girl. Like this loyal ish is annoying. If you don’t treat your woman right, don’t expect her to be loyal.

    1. Right. Eva was just on IG saying she had to buy the baby milk because he wouldn’t. He needs to stop pretending he’s father of the year because his other baby mama can easily dispute that.

  2. His follower was absolutely correct he needs to look in the mirror and accept some responsibility for the situation.

  3. Damn he’s having issues with his other baby mama too? He sounds like a real winner. LMAO.

  4. Money hungry hoes? Don’t he have to have money for that to be accurate??? Anyway Eva was too fast and too silly by having this fools kid. Was he not having issues wit his other baby moms when she was sexing dude raw dog? Like come on if u are ova the age of 25 I don’t think u should be getting caught up in situations like this especially when dude ain’t got no money. I knw her fam like “Dummy” it’s always the pretty 1’s wit nice personalities

  5. I’d say Eva is making the right decision. He seems like he’s emotionally unstable and too immature to be around.

  6. He may the common denominator in the baby mama category but she is the common denominator in breakups. She is not innocent. What he is saying is that she fabricated some stuff to more light in the media. Funny, same thing came from Lance Gross. How is always the man’s fault andn ot her’s? They are catching on to her opportunistic self. Her acting sucks and her career is caput. She only seems to be caught at events or off-beat a-s shows. She isn’t doing any better than he is if that be the case. At least he has residuals coming in from song writing. Where are her’s. Don’t believe the hype. I smell a liar. He may be airing their dirty laundry but at least he’s direct. She is doing it subliminally as if people are crazy. She is not innocent. The truth will come out.

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