Stevie J Goes for the Jugular

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Mimi is still dealing with the backlash of making a raunchy video with Nikko to secure a storyline, she’s also not on good terms with her ex Stevie J.  She’s been putting him on blast in her interviews as of late, and apparently it’s caused things to get worse between them.

Earlier today, the reality star took a moment away from the LHHATL drama and confirmed to her Instagram followers that her father has passed away. She didn’t really give any details just yet but she posted the following:

mimi faust instagram

Hours later, Mimi posted a screenshot of a text message conversation she claims she had with Stevie J and it appears he made some very insensitive comments about her father’s passing:

mimi faust instagram 2 mimi faust instagram 3



Although many felt Stevie was out of line, some made it clear to Mimi that they still don’t feel she’s much better than her ex:

mimi faust instagram 4
mimi faust instagram 5

Stevie’s harsh comments come just days after Mimi told Atlanta radio station V-103 that Stevie doesn’t provide for their daughter Eva financially and Nikko has taken his place.


  1. I’m not excusing Stevie for what he did, but Mimi really needs to stop trying to make it seem like she’s some kind of victim. She also has poor character.

  2. Wait though because I’m confused. One minute she says Stevie is a great father, the next he’s a deadbeat. Which one is it?

  3. This is very disturbing. Stevie J is wrong on so many levels. Mimi and Stevie J really need to reevaluate themselves they are both lost souls. Keep in mind these two people are suppose to be raising a young child. Just sad.

  4. Well both Mimi and Stevie are two screwed up individuals. So when they have a disagreement, they will say and do whatever possible to hurt the other person. It’s a toxic relationship. I think the reality show has only made it worse.

  5. Sad but I’m not even surprised. Stevie is the kind of person that will hit way below the belt when his feelings are hurt. But that doesn’t excuse Mimi’s poor actions either. She just as messed up as Stevie is.

  6. I’m not sure what this was supposed to prove. We all know Stevie ain’t sh-t. The fact that she said she’s posting it because so many people like Stevie confirms my beliefs that she made the tape with Nikko because she was jealous of Stevie and Joseline’s popularity and wanted to outshine them.

  7. Like the old saying goes, hurt people hurt people. Stevie is dead wrong but so is Mimi. She threw Stevie under the bus and she’s allowing that opportunist Nikko to play house with their child. Very bad call on her part.

  8. Technically, Mimi isn’t any better than Stevie. Or Joseline. All of them need to get some help.

  9. But it looks like some of the messages were cut out. What did SHE say to him before he sent that text?

    1. Exactly. Some of the messages are missing. The time stamps are off and the conversation doesn’t even flow. Before I judge Stevie, I need to know what Mimi said.

  10. Actually karma will be coming for you first Stevie. You already owe another baby mama over one milli in child support. You’re a POS.

  11. People are taking these reality tv shows way too seriously. It’s like they’re emotionally rattled because of her sex tape, let it go.

  12. Both of them need therapy. It was funny at first but now these people are sad. They have some real problems that need to be handled away from the cameras.

  13. I really hope all of this is fake and staged. Because I can’t fathom anyone’s life being this messy for real.

  14. I don’t get Mimi. She says Stevie is a deadbeat but then she goes out and gets another bum that looks like him and it didn’t take him long to have Mimi out here looking dumb. She called Joseline a hoe but now she’s a porn star. And she’s saying Stevie is messy but she decided to be messy and post these text messages on Instagram for what other reason but to get attention? I’m sorry about her dad, but innocent she is not. I feel like she is on the same level as Stevie.

  15. And this needed to be on Instagram why? She should have just kept it grown and forwarded these messages to the judge over their child support and/or police.

  16. At the end of the day, somebody’s father died! That’s a very, very tough situation to deal with. I know, I lost my father in 2012. I can’t imagine someone saying that my grief from my father’s passing was “karma” for bad decisions that I’ve made in my life!! This sickens me! I’m not being judgmental, but these people need Jesus!!

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