LHHATL Producer Mona Scott Young Says Benzino Shooting Was a Blessing

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” Executive Producer Mona Scott Young loathes when people refer to her as a puppet master and someone willing to exploit people to build her reality television empire, but her recent comments made regarding Benzino getting shot by his nephew make those accusations hard to shake.

Apparently she feels the shooting was a blessing and a gift from the “reality gods.”

She tells Vibe:

“The timing and the way that it happened, you have another moment that you go, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s like the reality gods have once again chosen this show to smile upon.”




Perhaps one can assume she also considers Mimi’s raunchy video as a gift from the “reality gods” too.

Interestingly enough, Mona pretty much hinted that she thinks Mimi’s video was planned and a stunt she agreed to do with Nikko for storyline purposes:

“When she called and said, ‘The head of one of the biggest porn companies got a copy of it,’ did I have my own questions? Of course. Like, really? How did he know it was you? How did he get your phone number?”


    1. Right. But all these people are happy to be pimped. They don’t understand that they make peanuts in comparison to what Mona makes off them.

  1. Everyone who is on a reality show right now is getting pimped and exploited. The thing is they are so desperate for the fame and money that they don’t even care. It’s always sad to see people you know who had something before the show get on there and sell out by looking stupid. But hey, they don’t really care. So why should we?

  2. I expect Mona to say things like this she is all about money and ratings. She doesn’t care about these people. I loathe the Kardashians but at least they were smart enough pimp themselves and cut out the middle man. If you are going to chose to pimp yourself out on tv you should profit the most and none of these idiots on LHH are making that much money. Most make their money on appearances not LHH checks. So when LHH is long gone and these idiots are broke Mona will still be making money off of reruns.

  3. This is why I always say everyone on these shows are selling themselves short. These producers do not care about them. The only thing they care about is ratings. They will watch these people ruin their lives and won’t even blink as long as people are watching. And to be clear, Bravo and Andy Cohen are even worse than Mona Scott Young. But that’s a topic for another day.

  4. Wow. The fact that she would even say this out loud is crazy to me. She really doesn’t care about any of these people. Smh.

  5. LOL Mona doesn’t care. She realizes these people are hood rats and willing to do anything for money and a storyline. She knows what’s up.

  6. Hey these people are making her filthy rich. She knows if one ends up leaving, she can find someone else in heartbeat. She doesn’t care.

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