Tamar Braxton Claps Back at Beyonce’s Fans

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For some reason, all the black singers are constantly pit against one another as if it’s not enough room for all of them to be successful. While we’ll never understand this phenomenon and the petty behavior among fan bases, it’s clear that some music artists are just about tired of it.

Tamar Braxton is apparently not only over K. Michelle taking jabs at her music career and vocal abilities, but she also wasn’t having it when a couple of Beyonce’s fans tried to shade her album sales on Twitter.

She clapped back in no time when one fan claimed her stage wardrobe has been looking a little bit too much like Beyonce’s as of late and when another chimed in and told her to work on getting her album sales to resembles Beyonce’s, she tweets (read from top to bottom):



  1. Tamar and Beyonce are in two different lanes period. So I don’t get why they are even coming for her. There’s room for both. Smh.

  2. I love Bey but I’ll never understand why some of the Hive does this kind of stuff.

  3. I doubt Beyonce is even concerned about Tamar or vice versa. This was petty of the BeyHive.

  4. So no one is going to bring up the fact that Tamar has thrown plenty of shade to Beyonce on Twitter and IG? Oh. Ok.

    1. You’re right. She has. But Bey’s success speaks for itself. So tweeting this to Tamar was pointless and petty.

    2. When? I had no idea but if this is true I can believe it because Tamar is good for throwing shade and hiding her hand like she is innocent.

    3. THANK YOU. And let’s not forget that she got on Tiny’s talk show and said Beyonce did not have blue. Tamar is bitter and jealous of Beyonce.

      1. Tamar was not the first to say Bey did I not have Blu it was news when she wave at the camera when going to the hospital and Bey did not look pregnant. On that show overseas your tummy don’t fold when sitting. She look as though she ate a hamburger not pregnant. So don’t Tay for her opinion. When it come to Bey u and others at like she is not human. Do she and J believe in GOD? Not when you belong to the Org!! So leave Tay alone let her get her Fame the old fashion way not by the ORG!!both are different one R&B and Hip/Pop.

        1. She didn’t have Blue? Ok so tell me why in her HBO documentary we saw video of her walking around with a pregnant belly with no shirt on. Explain to me why we saw video of her in the hospital room getting ready to give birth.

          Y’all only think we see Bey as a god because y’all choose to let her success and the praise she receives for being a great artist make you feel inferior. That’s YOUR problem. I don’t pray to Beyonce but you should pray to God to help you overcome your spirit of hate and jealousy. You illuminati believers are just as Godless as y’all claim Bey is. How ironic that y’all commit sins and judge someone you don’t know in the name of Jesus. Lol! The irony! Every time you write on here you repeat gossip and lies about Beyonce. Slandering her won’t make your miserable life any better. Why don’t you get off here and actually be the Christian you claim to be?

          But this conversation is pointless seeing as no matter what is said on here, Beyonce will always have the career Tamar wishes she had. So she can keep on throwing her little shade and you can keep repeating your tired lies. It won’t change anything. Now go run along and stay out my conversations. Thanks.

          1. You still did not answer the ? Asked. Why did you have to defend Bey so? Did I hit a nerve and please don’t say I judge when you just judge me in defense for Bey. Bey dissed Her Group went on to marry Jz to get Fame. You act as though nobody can get and have a successful career but Bey. Well you are wrong!! Pls don’t believe everything you read no matter who it’s about. I will give Tamar a chance to do her thang. You told me not to judge but can you do the same?

          2. Let me get you together on all your contradicting points.

            1. Sooooo you can defend Tamar and bash Beyonce with every comment you leave on this site but I can’t defend Bey? Sit down hypocrite. I just did a search for you on this blog and EVERY comment you have written has been you bashing Beyonce. The truth is you’re a Beyonce hater. So did Beyonce hit a nerve? Lol.And you still can’t answer don’t of MY questions.

            2. Nah, I think you take the cake on judging people. Did you watch any more illuminati YouTube videos this morning to quench your hate for successful people?

            3. How did Beyonce marry for fame when at the time she got married she was one of the most successful pop artists out? Platinum albums and sold out tours…but she needed to get married for fame? LOL try again. And she didn’t diss her group. In fact until this day all of her group members love and respect her. They have nothing but good things to say about Bey but they had an issue with Mathew. What else you got?

            4. I act like no one else can get fame but Bey? Nah that’s how YOU act. Hence you hating her so much and thirsting to compare her to every other artist. Tamar likes to shade everyone and pretend she’s bullied when they respond. It now makes sense why you like her. Y’all are cut from the same hypocritical cloth.

            5. The nerve of you telling me not to believe everything I read but you believe all the BS written about Bey. Girl sit.

            6. Give Tamar that chance boo. *slow claps*

            7. Yeah I definitely didn’t tell you not to judge. I said you’re a hypocrite who gossips and judges others but has the nerve to speak about how ungodly Bey and Jay are. What’s Godly about you? That’s what I said.

            Now we can go back and forth all day long, the truth is Tamar will never be as successful as Beyonce. She’d have to get off Twitter to make that happen. Lol.

            Now keep seething!

          3. Umm Meandi how are you going to accuse Beyonce of marrying Jay Z for fame when Tamar married Vince’s fat a-s for a better record deal/music industry connections and his coins? LMAO! Every time you try to come for Bey, you shade your own fave in the process. Hilarious.

          4. Never say never bc it has . In the end of day Tay/Bey have a job to do and care Less of you,me,others say or do bc they have their lives. But I’ still puzzle about how Bey copy the Real Queen B(lil Kim) and copy the Real R$B Queen Aretha Franklin who passed it to Queen Mary J/Whitney Houston. That’s a copy to me. Just saying!!Bey outfits come from a copy of Toni check out 1993-1996. Oh we can’t come at Bey and call her a copycat that do good at it so that’s the Real Reason why the Beyhives and Haters are threaten by Tamar. If B can copy and become a Star in time Tamar will become a Star/with that VOICE stage performances((copy) she shut it down.U and others don’t want that to happen! It will b OK it’s Stars b4 Bey and damn sho after Bey. Get over it and Enjoy Life. But will never shut me Down.

          5. @ Meandi, the mere fact that you are on here using multiple names to address me means you have already lost. So now your name is BeReal…LOL. You give me such an ego boost.

            PS. Tell Tamar to copy Beyonce’s career. I’ll wait. *giggles*

        2. I can’t decide if you’re a bigger Tamar fan or Beyonce hater. Most of your comments on here have been about Beyonce. I thought Tamar was your fave? Yet you’re more interested in Beyonce from what I’m seeing. I love the power Bey has over her haters. Y’all are undercover stans. I love it. Lol.

          1. Preach. And you should read Meandi’s comments on other blogs. She’s obsessed with Bey more than King Bey is. Tamar is just a front for her and an afterthought.

          2. Girl pls you and the other beehives go on twitter, IG bashing Tamar copying Bey. I must say you both need to get the record correct. When Tay was younger(than bey) she was already in the business background singer for sis Toni. If Tamar has to copy it would be her sister and not Bey. Bey copy Tina, Toni, JLo, Lil Kim etc. bey copy Diana Ross Stage performance with that stand and leaning back as Toni 2. So Diana is the Real Boss along with the Big hair. So why trash Tay when Bey have done the Same after she dissed DC. Pls keep it Real. Now they copy Ike and Tina touring together but you Know how that Turnout!! At least Tamar Love Vince and Vince Love Tay don’t get it twisted. King Bey are you a man or woman? Just asking. You have a lot going on when it comes to bey.so let them both do their Thang and Stop the Bull$&#% . Why do Tamar threat the bey hives. On one of these sites some one wrote Beyhives can be knock down/water can wash them Away but a Tamartian will be the one to do that damage so let Tay be. STOP Following Tamar and tell all the Beyhives and Haters to Stay off her twitter/page. Oh by the way I rather marry a Fat Good God Sent Man than a Crooked,Control,Cooley High, Been Around not Good Looking Man. You mad so who cares. You said what you had to say and I said what I had to say. Leaving to have some Fun these artist don’t care about you me and others. It’s past time entertainment for me and it ain’t that serious. Still have a sit and don’t Fall. Remember to Buckle Up!!M

          3. No the Beyhives are afraid of Tamar To become a Star! Why are Beyhives all on Tamar twitter bashing her. Each fans should stay on their own page with their person and no hating will be going on on both sides. You got more haters afraid of Tay because they don’t want her to get that stage performance down pact with that voice she would be better tha Bey and that’s a fact. Now we know the real reason I call Tamar out bc she is already in and starting to Fame the old way as someone mention. That’s why you and the others are threaten but it’s OK lots of people will become Famous! Don’t be sick about King Bey and the rest!! Good day America

          4. @ Meandi Yawn. I can shut you down in a few sentences. It’s hard to be threatened by Tamar when she still can’t even get a platinum album, she has no endorsements, can’t sell out stadiums, and isn’t an international pop star. Bey is her own boss and is the highest paid black entertainer of all time. And Tamar’s dance moves are embarrassing, she can never be better than Bey. I know you’re still waiting for Beyonce’s fall, don’t worry I’m still waiting for Tamar’s rise. She’s been in the game longer than Bey and still is playing catch up to the queen. Here’s some tissue for your internet tears. Bow down. 🙂

          5. “I know you’re still waiting for Beyonce’s fall, don’t worry I’m still waiting for Tamar’s rise. She’s been in the game longer than Bey and still is playing catch up to the queen. Here’s some tissue for your internet tears. Bow down. ” – ETHER. King Bey, damn! LMBO!

          6. Meandi how many years has Tamar had to make it? You’re on here going hard for someone who spent most of her life as a backup singer and you’re thinking she will surpass one of the biggest pop stars of our generation with that flop album? Girl you wish. Sometimes hate makes people delusional. I don’t even stan for Bey but you sound crazy. And no, Tamar does not love Vince. She loves what he can do for her because she never had the smarts, drive or talent to make it on her own. At least K Michelle can stand on her own two feet and didn’t need a fat a-s husband to help her. BTW, is Vince still cheating on Tamar? She was crying about that on IG and Twitter recently. Did you know your fave was a jumpoff who broke up Vince’s engagement because she was so desperate for a record deal? But stan away. :-/

        3. Meandi just leave it alone because you can’t say anything or have an opinion about BeyoncĂ© on this blog without these folks getting mad and writing long a-s essays to shut your opinion down and say it’s wrong. But if they have an opinion, it’s right, so don’t even go any further with this please. Thanks. Smdh

          1. “Meandi just leave it alone because you can’t say anything or have an opinion about BeyoncĂ© on this blog without these folks getting mad and writing long a-s essays to shut your opinion down and say it’s wrong. But if they have an opinion, it’s right, so don’t even go any further with this please. Thanks. Smdh”

            So I guess you’d be ok if everyone on here was bashing her the way Meandi does. So Meandi came for King Bey and bashed Bey, King Bey responds and you have a problem with Beyonce’s fans (but not her getting slandered). Meandi can defend Tamar but King Bey can’t defend Bey? Got it. #HatersAlwaysRevealThemselves

          2. @ Anonymous Stop it, you’re making way too much sense and they can’t stand that! LOL!

          3. You can’t say anything about Rihanna on here either…lol *runs out post*

          4. Got u . They full the book of B out and try to teach without a degree! Goodnite Toral and thanks 4 the advice. They can’t get enough of Tamar if so Stop Being on her page and stop Following herPlease!!! Again Stay Bless

          5. Now Meandi, do you really want to talk about the BeyHive not having a degree when you struggle to write complete sentences and struggle to use accurate grammar? LMBO. You’re hilarious. Your weak responses are giving me so much humor today. Next time you come for the Hive, make sure you’re better prepared.

          1. It’s not that deep, yet you took time out your day to respond and get involved with a conversation that had absolutely NOTHING to do with you when NOBODY was talking to you. Oh, ok.

    4. When I missed that.what sites . I want to read it.. Just like people said Tamar throw at Kmichelle but not once did Tay mention K but if the Shoe fits then wear it and stop crying Kmichelle. Maybe K need to find something positive to sing about and get a real Man. That’s no Shade but true Facts. K need to stop throwing shade by posting pic of Kermitt and mention she went to see the muppet unwanted who gives a Damn. But someone forgot to tell K that she looks like a Big Teeth ,Long Face, big $@#%€ dragging the ground Donkey. Just commenting on Kmichelle looks on Tay. Again don’t b mad!!to make peace Stop worrying about what/how/when/why Of Tamar and Stop Following Her pls.

  5. Tamar shouldn’t have responded because Tamar and Beyonce are in two different leagues. It’s not even fair to compare Tamar to Beyonce. These people was just trolling her and she fell for the bait.

  6. Beyonce’s place in music is secure. There’s no need to even do this BeyHive.

  7. Tamar is so insecure. Why did she even respond? I guess people are starting to get to her. She should get some thicker skin.

  8. Only an idiot would compare Beyonce to Tamar. These women are very different. Side note, Tamar’s album was good. #shrugs

  9. Tamar is a singer and Beyonce is an entertainer. Two different lanes so I don’t see why they even did this.

    1. No, the accurate statement is Beyonce is a singer who knows how to entertain. She’s in a lane of her own while most people can only do one or the other.

  10. And it’s people like these that give the BeyHive a bad name. Let Tamar be great. LOL.

  11. As shady as Tamar has been to other women, I don’t feel bad for her in this situation. If you can dish it, you better be able to take it. Tamar is no saint.

  12. Tamar shouldn’t even have time to read her mentions. If she has the time, she’s not working hard enough.

    1. I can get with this. I love Tamar’s voice but I don’t think she works hard enough. She should work on her work ethic and stop being on social media so much.

  13. Some of these people are sooo stupid. Why pit BeyoncĂ© against Tamar or BeyoncĂ© against Rihanna or Tamar against K Michelle. Some people have so much love for one artist over another that they feel compelled all the time to combat, defend, or criticize and what’s the reason? Just childish. Some times, these artists have people they pay to be on these networking sites to just sit there and respond all day to these social media mentions so it may very well had not been Tamar responding to such stupidity. Who knows and who cares, it was dumb anyway

  14. Honestly we like to drag these lessers because we are arrogant as hell. We know Bey cannot and will not be dethroned. Don’t take us too seriously people. Just tell your fave to block us and get those album sales up. LMAO.

  15. #DEAD at any person who thinks Beyonce is worried about Tamar. Outside of ratchets, no one even knows who she is. Meanwhile Beyonce makes world news for posting a selfie on IG. Hell CNN just had another special about her last night. I know why y’all are mad. You don’t see it for Tamar and apparently no one else does either. Her little singles were cute tho. *files nails*

  16. These comments…sigh…look I love Beyonce. I just don’t understand why fans of both Beyonce or Tamar feel the need to even argue. At the end of the day, what will it change? Beyonce will still be Beyonce, and Tamar will still be Tamar.

  17. All stans are terrible. And the evidence is in these comments. The one Tamar stan on here is just as nasty as Beyonce’s stans who sent those tweets. Fans are mature people who have a favorite artist and don’t need to put down another artist to praise their favorite. You have to be a real mature person to get that logic. Until then, you’ll be on here bashing Beyonce/Tamar like a childish person. Some people on here need to grow up.

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