Stevie J Calls out Mimi Faust

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s no secret Mimi Faust and Stevie J are currently not on good terms, and Mimi claimed just weeks ago that she felt like Stevie wasn’t that great of a father to their daughter Eva and he doesn’t even pay child support.

Then of course Mimi is still furious with Stevie for mocking her father’s recent passing, so we’re not surprised she allegedly didn’t inform Stevie of his own daughter’s graduation from pre-K.

Hours after Mimi posted about Eva’s graduation, Stevie claimed he had no idea she was even graduating the¬†weekend before the last because Mimi never told him:

mimi faust instagram

stevie j instagram


  1. He’s another one that could have contacted the school and gotten the graduation info if he really cared.

  2. it’s laughable how Mimi is always calling Stevie J a bad father but she did porn for a storyline on a ratchet reality show. She’s not any better. Selfish and dumb a-s parents.

  3. Mimi does too much. She acts like she’s a wonderful mom but we already saw how desperate she really is. She’s cut from the same cloth as Stevie.

  4. Stevie isn’t even a good father to any of his kids and doesn’t provide for any of them so I don’t blame her.

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