Sundy Carter Finds Joy in Malaysia’s Divorce + Mugshot Released

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

BBWLA star Sundy Carter has made it very clear she can’t stand cast mate Draya Michele, and as a result of her fallout with Draya, she also made an enemy in Draya’s close friend Malaysia Pargo.

It also didn’t help that Sundy also got into with Malaysia’s other close friend Brandi Maxiell, so the odds of Malaysia and Sundy becoming cool again are very slim.

When it was confirmed over the weekend that Malaysia had filed for divorce from her husband Jannero Pargo, Sundy took to her Twitter account to let her followers know she found a little bit of joy in the news:

sundy carter twitter

Interestingly enough, not too many hours after Sundy posted the tweet, the tables also turned on her because she was arrested for DUI.

Her mugshot was just released too:

sundy carter mugshot

Sundy tells the media that driving drunk was a terrible decision and she will never do it again.


  1. Serves her right! She tried to shade Malaysia about her divorce and got some quick karma of her own!

  2. “Interestingly enough, not too many hours after Sundy posted the tweet, the tables also turned on her because she was arrested for DUI.” (LOL)

  3. Sundy needs to be quiet. Making fun of Malaysia’s divorce doesn’t change the fact that she slept with a married man and got pregnant. And now she has a DUI to handle. She needs to worry about her own messy life.

  4. And just like Kenya Moore, Sundy actually believes the world revolves around her. So when people have issues that happened prior to the reality show, Sundy and Kenya somehow think it’a karma because that particular person doesn’t like them. They are so childish and annoying.

  5. Malaysia and Jannero have been separated since 2012, so how on earth can Sundy think this is some sort of karma for their fallout? LOL. Girl sit down and get a lawyer to take care of your DUI.

  6. Sundy can’t say ish about anyone’s life. Her life is messier than everyone else’s on that show. And it continues to be even when the show isn’t filming.

  7. Laugh now Sundy. But don’t get mad when Malaysia laughs at your college boyfriend leaving you for someone who is his own age and who actually has an education and a legitimate career.

  8. How did the tables turn when Malaysia and Jannero have been separated since 2012 AND Malaysia is the one who filed for the divorce not the other way around?

  9. Doesn’t she have a DUI to worry about? And she’s about to marry a college student. I have a feeling she will be in Malaysia’s shoes very soon anyway.

  10. Sundy is wack! Such ashame she’s that much of a miserable woman she just thrives off negativity! No wonder her and Jackie got along so well!

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