Mimi Faust Drags Stevie J’s Bedroom Skills

Photo Credit: Futra Media/YouTube
Photo Credit: Futra Media/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since Mimi Faust decided to get into making raunchy videos with her current beau Nikko, she’s been very open about her bedroom activities. Recently, she even compared Stevie’s skills to Nikko’s and so far Nikko comes out on top in Mimi’s opinion.

In an interview with Futra Media, Mimi does admit that when it comes to size, it’s a draw:

“I’m gonna say they are both well endowed. I’ve been very fortunate in that department. I’ve been very lucky [laughs].”

And if that wasn’t TMI enough, Mimi actually slams Stevie J’s bedroom skills and claims that she hated sleeping with him because he would curse her out during the act:

“He’s very vulgar. And to me, for my liking…I know some other women might like this, but he talks too much and it’s too rude in the bedroom. Like I don’t like to be called a b*tch, ho and a slut every time I have sex. I don’t enjoy that type of behavior.

“He’ll be like, ‘You f*cking whore! You slut!’ I can’t.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I believe Mimi liked Stevie talking trash during sex. If she didn’t, she would not have dealt with all his mess for all those years. And she’s trying her hardest to make Nikko look so great but yet she’s still worried about what Stevie and Joseline are doing. I thought Nikko was the user in this relationship but now I think Mimi is. She’s using Nikko for a storyline and to make Stevie jealous.

    1. I’m in a training class, and almost bust out laughing after reading this. Thank you for that choking sound I was making.

  2. Eww. I’m sorry, but neither Stevie or Nikko do it for me. The thought of them even having sex makes me throw up a little in my mouth. They look like bums and Nikko looks like he hasn’t bathed or been to the dentist in years.

  3. I could have went my whole life without knowing this. Mimi acts like she got a prize now with Nikko, he looks dirty all the time every time I see him I feel like itching.

  4. I didn’t realize how much of a THOT Mimi was until this season. Weird. My radar is usually on point.

  5. She makes one boring sex tape and now she swears she’s an expert on good sex and peen sizes. Girl sit down.

  6. Seen the tape. So I’m sure Stevie probably doesn’t think Mimi’s “bedroom skills” are all that impressive either.

  7. When you’re supposedly in another relationship, why in the FEEZY would you discuss sex with your ex in an interview?! I want Mimi to go to bed tonight and wake up to try life again tomorrow. Sheesh!

  8. Some things people should keep to themselves. But then again, people saw her screw her current boo on film so I guess I shouldn’t’ be surprised.

  9. Sigh…I really liked Mimi in season one. Then I just thought she was a little naive and a good girl being treated wrong but now I see she’s really a hot mess and needs a lot of therapy. Bless her heart.

  10. In one episode Mimi said his p-nis had her doing back flips. So she needs to stop. She’s so bitter.

  11. so sex tapes being “leaked” with no apology is better?….she know stevie d-ck is good thats why she rode the bus for so long.if joseline wasnt taking too much of his time she would still be there lol.she too old for these shenanigans lol

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