Amid Failed Marriage, Keyshia Cole Refuses to Give up on Love

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported yesterday, Keyshia Cole’s estranged husband Daniel Boobie Gibson did a recent interview with Rolling Out Magazine, and he opened up a little about his failed marriage to Keyshia and addressed the cheating accusations.

Daniel didn’t deny that he cheated on the R&B singer, but he says he feels he dropped the ball on the relationship in multiple ways, especially since he didn’t really do his part to make sure their friendship was always intact.

But Keyshia took to Twitter the other day to let her fans know that despite her failed marriage, she’s not giving up on men and love.

When asked if she was done with love, she says:

keyshia cole twitter

Keyshia also doesn’t believe all men can’t be trusted:

keyshia cole twitter 2


  1. Well then good for her. There’s no need in letting one failed marriage sour her whole perspective on love. Daniel just wasn’t the right person for her.

  2. I’m surprised she didn’t cut up on Twitter after the interview was published. That right there is growth. LOL.

  3. I honestly think that Keyshia and Daniel rushed into a relationship and having a child. I always say that you have to have a solid foundation it is so important. I think with him being young immature probably not ready for marriage and her with her dysfunctional background they weren’t ready. Hopefully they will learn from this and be better for the next relationship.

  4. If she means this, then I’m happy for her. But she got a beautiful son out of the marriage, there’s no need for her to be bitter. Sometimes marriages work and sometimes they don’t. It is what it is. She won’t be single for long anyway.

  5. I just want her to let the divorce fuel another great album. Keyshia makes her best music when she’s going through a breakup.

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