Keyshia Cole’s Family Throws Her Under a Bus

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole is not only going through a pretty devastating breakup with her estranged husband Daniel Gibson, but it appears she also has to worry about her family members still trying to use her name in a quest for reality television stardom.

According to multiple reports, Keyshia’s birth mother Frankie got her own show with the rest of Keyshia’s siblings, and the show is reportedly entitled “Family Therapy.”

Apparently Keyshia’s sister Neffie’s husband Soullow is trying his hardest to get buzz for the show, so he was caught on Instagram hitting up popular radio show host DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club in an attempt to secure an interview. The problem is he promised he would spill some tea on Keyshia in exchange for radio time. Blogger The Shade Room was able to snap a screenshot:

keyshia cole family trifling

Now Keyshia has already gone on the record and stated she would never do another reality show with her family because she thinks the networks only plan to exploit their issues and label it as “entertainment” and she’s not cool with that anymore, but it appears her family is still planning to drag her name into their new show regardless.

Will you be watching?


  1. It’s sad how they still try to eat off Keyshia but she opened up the door to be used when she cosigned doing a show with them in the first place. Now they don’t want to go away.

    1. Pretty much. She’s got some blame for this as well. But at least she can now see it for what it is. These shows are nothing but exploration. If they really want the therapy then why not get it in private? They just want to be relevant.

  2. LOL. I am not surprised. They want that check at all costs and they don’t care how Keyshia feels about it.

  3. They are still trying to get a show. Nobody wants to see this train wreck. I don’t care for Keyshia Cole but after watching this I feel sorry for her. Side note I always thought that Neffe was older than Keyshia I can’t believe she is only 28 she looks like she is in her late 30’s.

  4. Again? NO! I don’t want them back on TV! They need to find a better way to make money. No one wants to see them acting a fool again!

  5. I really thought these people were off this. They think they can always yell Keyshia’s name and get a show now. It’s pathetic.

  6. But who wants to see them though? I sure don’t. I think most of us stopped caring like 7 years ago.

  7. They are such leeches. I can’t believe Neffie’s husband is trying to cash in too. They are bottom feeders from the lowest depths of the bottom. No one wants to see their ratchet a$$es.

  8. This is really sad. They do need therapy, but off reality TV. I watched their show years ago and it was a train wreck! I pray that their family gets the therapy they need to succeed in life.

  9. I know people have to eat. But in my honest opinion, they are not ready. The issues this family has is to deep seated to be aired. They need to heal privately, find a new and healthy normal (whatever that is for them)and then maybe get in front of a camera. They need to learn some coping skills because we all know how society will shred you to bits on the day to day….but to be in front of a camera too…..nah.

  10. I wish they would leave my boo alone. Now she works hard and made a name for herself and these lazy bastards are still trying to eat off her name. I will not be watching this.

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